Space Hulk: Ascension

Last year we received on PC a new proposal within the Warhammer 40,000 universe in the form of a turn-based strategy title with Space Hulk , an interesting and highly anticipated title by fans in charge of Full Control that tried to transfer the classic board game to the digital format in the best way possible. And I achieved it with great success, although we were losing a


gaming experience that was not entirely satisfactory, with an archaic rhythm of play, far from the most modern proposals within a constantly evolving genre, in addition to a very particular staging and some bugs that prevented the player from enjoying a space adventure more than interesting. Perhaps for this reason, and with all the feedback 

from the community during these little more than twelve months, comes Space Hulk: Ascension Edition, a new independent version that corrects a


good part of these problems, adds a huge amount of novelties and adapts its gameplay to modern times without losing that personality that keeps it so close to the classic board game. Let’s see in our analysis if a title with a lot of potential has been significantly improved.

Remastered Hulk
A concept that gains presence in a somewhat stagnant industry, especially in the market of consoles next-gen , and that tries to recover past projects to improve them and sell them again to the avid user, increasingly, of new IPs or experiences of game. The Ascension Edition of


Space Hulk can not be considered as such, since it has barely been a year since its original launch -of which you can learn more in its original analysis through this link – and adds such a lot of news that we could talk about a almost new product, completely renovated and trying to remedy its main problems , yes, maintaining the base of Space Hulk.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot   Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot

So, and in broad strokes, in this Ascension Edition we will find the following novelties. Up to 103 missions divided into three different campaigns featuring Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Spacewolfs, including the DLC of the original title. In addition, our Terminators will be able to equip the Cyclone missile launcher , with which our destructive power will be much greater. Along with the main missions we can also take part in various secondary missions framed in

the depths of the Space Hulk. On the other hand, the terrifying Genestealers now adopt various formsto offer more variety both in appearance


and in the fighting; and is that thanks to their different skills, we will have to adapt according to the circumstances and our environment, dominated as it could not be otherwise by narrow and dark stays.

Thus, we will deal with specialized enemies in long distances, others slower and heavier but with great force and others that when dying explode leaving an acid cloud that will pierce our armor and cause us enough damage. Regarding the original title,


these new situations and the variety of them are greatly appreciated.. Another of the great novelties is the change in the style of game; while the base is maintained, we are no longer facing an almost exact conversion of the mechanics of the classic desktop game.


One of the biggest drawbacks that we found in the original Space Hulk is that it did not give in the least in the attempt to move a classic gaming experience in turn -with all that that entails- to the digital format, resulting in an extremely slow game , paused rhythm in both animations and transitions.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot   Space Hulk: Ascension Edition (OSX) screenshot

Now, however, we enjoy an interface that is much closer to the videogame format ; Yes, it maintains the foundations of the franchise, both in the strategic development and in the battles in turns, but being much more dynamic and attractive for the average player.


It seems that from Full Control wanted to diversify the target audience to bring the experience WK40 to a target wider with Ascension Edition, leaving the original Space Hulk for classic and purist players. In it, the


new implemented system of experience and progression has much to say ; As if it were an RPG, our Terminators accumulate XP points to level up and unlock new skills, weapons and equipment, which gives rise to atotal customization of our Ultra Marines squad ,


including the names and their appearance. In a way, its creators have wanted to adapt the classical formula to modern times, always talking about the videogame format, of course.