Space Hulk: Deathwing

Tyranids in narrow space cruisers !, but as epic and exciting as this struggle for survival sounds, however fascinating it is to embody a Space Marine and fight to death in the name of the Emperor … it is not at all. Unfortunately this is a tedious and repetitive experienceYes, it’s fun in its fair measure, because in the end you shoot without respite against hun


dreds of monsters, but not enough to recommend your purchase at this time. There is potential and room for improvement with future updates, but honestly, I think that their biggest problem is not technical errors or their disastrous optimization ; plain and simple, it’s not fun.


Since you start the game until you finish the campaign, the video game of Streum On Studio does not vary a bit in its action; it does not bring a spark of emotion. It is always the same! Combats, combats and more soulless combats, of that epic that you expect from a confrontation like this, with swarms of Genestealersharassing you incessantly. Eve


rything is too simple, everything is too repetitive. And no, I’m not asking you puzzles, but I’m telling you something; that makes you tremble with fear at the arrival of the enemies, as in the original board game, or scream with emotion when you


leave the fray unharmed. None of that happens. You shoot, you run and you hit with your sword … but you do not feel part of the fight, it’s almost like a routine action; the game does not manage to imbue you with that combative, heroic spirit, which by atmosphere and aesthetics had so easy to generate.


At your service!

It is noted that their managers are true passionate about the universe Warhammer 40,000 . Each stage, each corner of the gloomy space battleship we are moving through is recreated with exquisite care. Even the storywithout being a prodigy, ends up hooking even when it seems destined only to satiate fans of the franchise. Is not suffic

ient. Just look back, look at the great Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide , to notice the differences. Both bet on the same style of game; they are very direct in their action, intense, to a certain extent, chaotic … but while one makes you vibrate with emotion, the other almost bores you.


Space Hulk Deathwing analysis

The story has been developed by one of the most important writers of the Warhammer universe, the veteran Gav Thorpe.

The waves of Genestealers are pure routine. They arrive, you kill them and you keep going. There is no epic or really anything more than that, shots, shootings without rhyme or reason against enemies who are not too intelligent and cry out to die. Everything is ready to immerse you in legendary combats, and yet, these are bland as you can not. It does not m


atter if the enemies attack en masse; that there are so many, that you almost do not see what you have in front of you. Shoot, run and start again. It’s always the same. There are practically no variations in the fight, nor when you face monsters capable of using firearms. And this is terrible; although Space Hulk: Deathwing captures thanks to its ambience and great aesthetics, it will not be long before the boredom becomes noticeable.