Dishonored: The Stranger’s Death

n fact, the powers of Billie Lurk , that apprentice of Daud who helped us in Dishonored 2 , are practically exclusive of the murderer. The Forastero does not offer his brand, and with this narrative excuse we have a perhaps simpler vision of the playable possibilities of


a Dishonored, but no less interesting. In fact, Dishonored: The Stranger’s Death seems almost like an experiment. A reformulation of the supernatural stealth of the series of having raised a game that was more to the point. The spiritual remedies are over to make way for a ” manna ” that automatically recharges and allows us to give more rein to our abilities. The rolero role of choosing our powers is over: play with what you have.


Dishonored The Stranger’s Death / Launch Trailer: The supernatural killer


They miss more powers to the three who choose the game for us, but there are great additions to the final mission of Billie. Move is the new Wink, which on this occasion lets us first mark our position to confirm the displacement afterwards, instead of taki


ng us directly. In addition, it is a real teleportation , so we can go through bars without problem, for example. But the real strategy of this small change lies in the possibilities that mark the position before. You can mark the place where you are to drop, steal a key or kill a guard and return in an instant to the same place where you fell.


Dishonored The Death of the Stranger analysis

The powers of Billie are frankly spectacular and allow us to rethink the strategies of previous deliveries so as not to repeat them.

The possibilities are multiplied with the following ability: Omen , which takes us in a ghostly way to track the map, mark enemies and objects and gives us the possibility to make a selection to move. As useful as it sounds to travel long distances and trace our n


ext steps well. The last supernatural power is not even trivial: Semblance ; how to stun an enemy, but seizing his appearance on the road, to camouflage himself among enemies totally unnoticed. His incredible advantage lies in the amount of time we can go unnoticed with this disguise and yet the game is far from unbalanced by him.


It feels like a final epilogue to a work that has given as much as possible

If you are a friend of stealth and non-lethal path, you have enough resources with these powers for it. But the less pious will also be able to make use of grenades, incendiary arrows, adhesive bombs and the lethal cutting spirals. Hook mines are a

dded to the repertoire , capable of stunning or killing any approaching enemy, which cling to the device. And if you want to be more creative with your deaths, try using your own scroll in the position of an enemy to blow it to pieces. All a viscera show.


Dishonored The Death of the Outsider PC

The end of the Void

Five missions Not many, really, especially for the initial price of La Muerte del Forastero, but they give enough time thanks in part to the Contracts , which make the most of each of their scenarios. The Contracts are secondary missions that will ask us in m

ost cases to steal, kill or take a stunned enemy to a specific position. Some of them are simple, but others will make us rethink a lot the routes to choose especially when we have to transport a body a great distance.


Dishonored The Death of the Stranger

Dishonored The Death of the Outsider PC

The design of levels is still the hallmark of Dishonored. Multiple ways to face a mission and reach our goal.

As we mentioned, this time we will not have new powers as we get runes , but we have practically the beginning with everything we have. Of co


urse, the search for talismans and their effects return and very bulky, as well as the possibility of creating our own when they are accumulating. I


t is true that the possibilities are limited from the beginning. It does not seem so because the duration of the game is so tight that adding more powers would have been excessive, but it misses some extra mission given the ambition that the Bethesda team has had with this final chapter.


The same can be said of the story , which seems somewhat hasty. At all times the conversations are quite forceful, everything happening too fast for the characters or us as players really care. The writingsthat we find do not end up being so inspired nor offer interesting enough information for a chapter as intriguing as Dishonored should be : The Death of the Stran


ger, one of the biggest mysteries of the entire franchise. And the game seems to end in the same way, hasty and without much care in the player fully understand what is happening. Something that has persecuted Karnaca itself from Dishonored 2, that no matter how hard it tried to give depth to the city and its inhabitants, never achieved its goal in a way as natural as Dunwall got with a less ambitious story.


Dishonored The Death of the Stranger

A little to find a price more in line with what it offers, La Muerte del Forastero is a good epilogue that marks one of the most relevant series of recent years.


A good farewell, that although it has been losing freshness over time, has never abandoned its style and personality. Billie Lurk is another face of this beautiful prism that has taken stealth to another level. One that now probably deserves a rest.