Dark revenge

 Space Hulk Deathwing review


What are the space hulk deathwing? These are huge drifting space wrecks, full of secrets and pitfalls. When Deathwing, the first company of the Dark Angels, come across one of them, the Space Marines with psychic powers feel that inside it hides something extraordinarily precious for the Imperium.


This is how a small expedition is organized that will have the task of exploring the abandoned station, finding the bodies of the soldiers who controlled it and investigating the cargo they were carrying. In the heavy armor of a Librarian, accompanied by an Apotecario and an Assault unit.


We will have to go into the  space hulk deathwing ps4, walk through the long and dark corridors, survive the many hordes of Genestealer that hide in the walls of the structure and find out why this wreck is so important. All in the context of a campaign to play in single player or in a cooperative with three other users, characterized by a plot written in collaboration with Gavin Thorpe, certainly not new to the Warhammer 40,000 fans.

 Space Hulk Deathwing gameplay

Space Hulk: Deathwing is a title extremely faithful to the franchise, tough and complex, full of atmofera


The first striking thing about  space hulk is the absolute fidelity to the dynamics of the board game from which it is taken. In the board game the Space Marines had to explore a wreck, access rooms full of hostile creatures, complete the shift goal and then proceed to an extraction area, which is exactly what they are asked to do during the nine missions that make up the campaign for the title of Streum On Studio.

Dark revenge

It is a fundamentally simple and intrinsically repetitive structure compared to that of any other shooter, but it will not fail to engage and exalt fans of the Games Workshop franchise.


The degree of challenge of the experience is indeed rather high, which creates a certain tension when one enters a new area of ​​the station without knowing what could emerge from the ventilation ducts and when. The medical unit has a set of medkits to distribute among the members of the team, but the number of “injections” should be managed wisely so as not to run out of energy on the most beautiful.

From this point of view the game is almost a survival and often requires a double attempt for each mission, given the huge amount of enemies to be tackled and the distance that must be traveled to achieve the objectives indicated from time to time on the map.In short, there is great atmosphere and the situations in style


“Aliens – Final Clash” are on the agenda, see also the scanner that indicates the direction from which the hostile activity comes; but precisely because of these factors it becomes so complex to complete a mission as the last survivors of the team, or simply deprived of the Apotecario and its care, that at that point we must take the risk of opening a portal


(we have a few available and serve several seconds to activate) and return to the hub, restoring fallen comrades, or restart the level from the beginning. An event that is undoubtedly frustrating, especially if the final stages of the stage have now been reached, but which proves inevitable when we have suffered damage and


It is a pity that the survival approach chosen by the developers for  space hulk deathwing xbox one has not been extended to the available resources and perhaps to the system of empowerment: the latter allows, by spending the points earned in battle, to amplify the psychic skills of the Librarian that we control in the game, allowing him to launch powerful attacks that electrify, rout or burn the enemies, and that require a period of cooldown to be reused;

Release  space hulk deathwing release date pc

  • WW: December 14, 2016

 space hulk deathwing ps4 release date
space hulk deathwing xbox one release date

  • US: March 28, 2018