One Day in London

visual novel, which some are denied the right to be called the games are particularly popular in Japan, but in Russia they have a lot of fans, and not only among the players, but also among the developers. Once notorious comedian studio Dreamlore Games fun of logic, common sense, Aleksandrom Sergeevichem Pushkinym and the whole of Russian literature in the novel “Eugene Onegin” – it Yevgeny Bazarov turned the castle into a zombie, until he was brought to the clean water agent of the secret police Aleksandr Chatsky armed with kolomotom.

And in 2014 the domestic Lostwood Games began producing episodic Leviathan: The Last Day of the DecadeWhere it was much more serious and darker, and the game has become one of the best in the genre lately.

And Moscow Owl Studio launched on mobile platforms and PCs visual novel in a similar style – the One Day in London , as well as Leviathan , is divided into episodes, there are many mystics, demons from other dimensions and there’s no pop-eyed nyashnye boys and girls with purple hair .

One Day in London Game Review

Look at the local girls – a pleasure!

Two in one

action the One Day in London , as you might guess, takes place in the capital of the British Empire – of course, in such a well-liked Victorian period.

We are involved in the failed ritual, in which the protagonist, a long-haired student from a wealthy family, becomes obsessed. In it lived a demon who at first two words can not, and then turns into a very chatty companion – periodically they are lengthy conversation about human nature and even joke about the female gender.

Although in actual fact, the main character and his demons are not joking – they see a threat to members of the occult Order of the “Golden Dawn”, which, in fact, performed the ritual, and now forcing us to join in order to keep on a leash and use It takes advantage of the new abilities of our students.

Understand their concerns as possible – on the streets of London already walks alone possessed girl power over which completely took another demon. And now he turns it into a female version of Jack the RipperKilling prostitutes in the slums.

Find and neutralize its charge it to us. The process will have to fight, flee, to travel the inner world of spirits and possessed, to understand their children’s complexes, visiting a mental hospital, and even the port brothels.

From time to time we are trying to not only kill the demons, but also former friends, and all this quickly twisted into a ball of difficult relationships, intrigue and tragedy – are constantly waiting for the trick and strike back.

One Day in London Game Review

Language of our demon is suspended!

Demons and girls

Demon, who settled in the body of our hero, too, is trying to take us under their control – in fact, around the twisted narrative and nerve. So sometimes appears on the screen: “subordinating Wee [sic name is our infernal roommate] or disobey?”

We, however, did not notice that the choice of one or another benefit is somehow fundamentally affect the story, most likely, but it is impact closer to the finals in the next episode (until the two left).

But the opportunity to sleep with the mistress of the brothel, where they spent the Last Supper our occultists, directly affects whether there will be another girl with us, one of the main demonologists London, or leave the team. In addition, periodic elections replicas in dialogues affect the attitude towards us other characters.

All this is enough to make two episodes of intrigue and forced to wait for the continuation. The more that the game was really atmospheric, bleak and beautiful. Drawn all just great – gorgeous art, combined with properly chosen music and good lyrics create a special atmosphere where the drama of blood and killing quite naturally coexist with the light and for the most part appropriate irony.