Published fresh screenshots of the System Shock (2020) remake on Unreal Engine 4 – review

Nightdive studios the other day released new demo System Shock (2020) on the base Unreal engine 4. She was available for 48 hours in Steam, then they hid it, however, screenshots of the new product were already distributed on the network. And some even managed to try the demo. At the moment, access to it is already closed, but you can add her to your wish list.

So far, there are problems in the game. For example, despite the launch on a very powerful configuration, the graphics did not work in 4K. And when I tried to change some settings, the game just crashed with an error.

Other issues included mediocre animations, game brakes, and other unpleasant moments. It is hoped that the release of the game will work much better.

In fact, the demo just shows the results porting textures and patterns with Unity engine on Unreal Engine 4. Also, developers have improved particle behavior. At the same time, they retained “pixel” textures, which fans of retro will surely like. See screenshots below.