Many compromises

At the same time Ubisoft has also released a free update for all the owners of the game that introduces a series of very interesting features, in this case a set of fun online races (at the command of eKart, motorcycles and drones) and the new Showdown competitive mode.


The latter allows you to engage in frantic two-on-two matches within fifteen different maps, with three possible types of matches: “Steal the Drive”, a sandbox variant of the traditional “capture the flag”; “Doomload”, full of engaging firefights; and “Hackera / Protect servers”, a territorial mode in which you have to conquer certain servers or prevent the opposing team from hacking them. These are novelties of great value,

Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise is a too short and limited DLC, which is definitely not worth the purchase


Beyond the challenges and accessories, it is obviously the single player component that constitutes the heart of No Compromise, with a storyline divided into five missions in which issues are addressed that only initially seem to have a semblance of depth.


It all starts when Sitara asks us to identify and punish a porn producer, such Alejandro Sborovski (it is obviously a funny name of art, for the record the English version is “Jackofski”), who previously abused a friend of hers ending up making her a drug addict.

So many compromises

It would have been interesting to find out how in reality Sitara was the girl exploited by Sborovski, or end up in a history of abuse and slavery, but obviously the authors of Watch Dogs 2 had other plans and the whole thing soon turns into a speck, without introduce innovative situations with respect to the basic campaign, as happened in the aforementioned Human Conditions.


In the first part of the DLC we will have to introduce ourselves in the building where the producer shoots his films, hacking his devices and mobile cameras and then confining him in a room and spanking it, literally, while our friends take back everything as a warning to those who he puts himself against the DedSec.


At the end of the mission there is a small twist and you have to get away for a few minutes without weapons and gadgets, since the Russian mafia has decided to hit the group of hackers in the Bay Area and wants to make Marcus Holloway an example.


What comes after unfortunately follows a plot well known to those who know the Ubisoft title: we will first have to blow up some cars and loads of drugs to respond to the offensive of the Russians, introducing us in a very well guarded area by the guards; secondly put us in the car and distract the mobsters while Wrench places a mix of explosives and fireworks inside the enemy bases, finally enjoying the spectacle of their detonation after reaching a point in the open sea, at the end of a hectic Chase.