Watch Dogs 2 – No compromise

Six months from the release date of the main game and one from the previous “Human Conditions” expiration, it also ends the Watch Dogs 2 season pass with the release of ” No Compromise“.
The package includes a new single player mission, six time trials, two non-lethal weapons (a precision shotgun and a double that will make the joy of those who want to be a champion of justice without generating genocide, a shame that the game does not value this behavior) and some new outfits, is already available on PlayStation 4, and will come on Xbox One and Pc on May 18th.
 Initially included in the paid package, but then released within the recent free upgrade, there was also the new online showdown mode, where you can hire 2v2 challenges on fifteen maps in three types of matches typical of the online competitive world, but obviously declined in “hacker” sauce: “Steal the drive” which is a catch the flag,
Wraps to the camcorder
Returning to the single-player component, which is certainly the most interesting part for the purpose of judgment, also because it is the one that requires a monetary outlay, also in Watch Dogs 2 there is the rule 34 of the internet and therefore, if Dedsec exists, there is also a pornographic version. His turn is the well-known director of the industry who responds to the sober art of Alejandro Sborovski.
According to Sitara’s words, the latter was guilty of exploiting a dear friend of her and dropping her into the drug world, so she needs a nice punishment in Dedsec’s style, that is, with a defamatory movie. From this incipit, a mission is developed that has little to do with anything else in the main story, as already in November the incident of the situation was completely disconnected and each mission made history to itself. Despite the fact that the first part can make dramatic,
Watch Dogs 2 - No compromise
Always the Russians fault
Successive parts of the mission thus fall into the clichés that the game has used us six months ago, without going to tell anything new, or even less, inserting different game design elements than we’ve seen in the past.
The only part of this DLC that seeks to give us a different view of gameplay forces us to recover all of our possessions, with the help of the only phone: bypassing the fact that suddenly depriving the player of the elements he has learned to know and personalizing is never a great choice of game design, in this case it is even more out of place from a narrative point of view, as the protagonist is left in hand only the smartphone, its most powerful weapon.
 Anyway, from the first chat with Sitara to the final artificial fireworks, you will not spend more than 45/60 minutes to complete the mission of “Women’s Leg” that is the offer of this DLC.
Although the price of “No Compromise “has fallen to 10 euros compared to the 15 needed to access the previous DLC entitled” Human Conditions “, it is also difficult to evaluate positively the drastic shift from the 4/5 hours needed to complete the exit experience a month ago, against the small time needed for the present; In addition, there are no new gameplay elements to explore, no less new areas to explore.
Paradoxically, the most interesting component would be just a showdown, which could stimulate a little bit of an online component that already stalled in November due to the problems with the launch of the game.