Luis Suarez became the player of the month in the Example – is it worth buying it in FIFA 20?

Luis Suarez became the best player of the Spanish Examples in December, and EA issued a special Uruguayan card for FIFA 20. decided to figure out whether to spend money on an assembly with the Barcelona footballer.

General characteristics of Suarez in FIFA 20:

  • rating – 9/10;
  • speed – 7/10;
  • dribbling – 8/10;
  • pass – 7/10;
  • hit – 10/10.

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Characteristics of Suarez

Suarez has no serious problems with linking. Usman Dembele will fit in perfectly with El Pistolero, and Antoine Griezmann and Eden Hazard, not to mention Leo Messi, will perfectly complement the picture. With one green line and one yellow line, Suarez gets a teamwork of 10, which will reveal his full potential.

If you take a card with a high speed rating, then Messi can easily be transferred from the flank to the center and enjoy the quality of the gears and the death blow from the left.

Do not forget about other players from the Spanish Examples. On the left, it’s quite possible to put Gareth Bale, who, although he handed in a lot, will still add weight and solidity to the team. On the left, the option with Hazard seems uncontested, especially since the Belgian has quite a few variations.

Impact 4.5 / 5

The game stats of Suaras for the striker is a fairy tale. With the Hunter game style, all strike parameters, with the exception of distant ones, are at 99.

Suarez is best used with a style that maximizes its speed. So we get 92 at a jerk and 85 at speed – this will allow the Uruguayan to flee from most of the central defenders. Considering the parameters of strength (88), aggression (89), ball control (87), dribbling (88) and balance (81), Suarez can also collide, paving the way for the goal in a forceful manner.

The footballer has a little lame pass (83), but you need to understand that he is a classic finalizer who will tirelessly stamp goals. Adds variability at the end and talent striking the outside of the foot.

Market value

Today, the assembly of Luis Suarez will take a little less than 120 thousand coins. The amount, to put it mildly, is small, and in return we get one of the best finaliters in the game. In the penalty area, he will become a killer, especially since the choice of position (99) provides excellent opening for transfers to the second pace after entering the penalty area from the edge. Fortunately, the one-touch punch of the Uruguayan is excellent.

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Suarez Cost

If you have a composition of Examples, then this is definitely the number one choice. An important point: Luis Suarez must be released in the first team. From the bench, he gets teamwork 5 and will not do much. It is important for him to get a full ten, then he will show the best qualities.

If you draw parallels, then Suarez plays ahead at the level of the middle version of Raul’s card, the “scrim” version of Aguero and other players, whose value exceeds 400 thousand coins. For players on a tight budget, this is a must have.