Messi is the player of the month in Example. Is it worth the money in FIFA 20?

In FIFA 20, EA has expanded the geography of championships in which team players of the month are given. In the Example, they waited a very long time for Lionel Messi, but is it worth spending more than two million on it? The portal decided to figure it out ODDS.

Messi General Features in FIFA 20:

  • rating – 10/10;
  • speed – 9/10;
  • dribbling – 10/10;
  • pass – 10/10.

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Chemistry – 2.5 / 5

Linking is Messi’s main problem. Firstly, in the Spanish Example there are no normal hitters guaranteeing a stable game ahead. Only Morales is suitable for this, but the same Suarez or Karim Benzema did not receive the proper characteristics from the developers.

You have to think to pick up good partners for Messi. In fact, there is only one option – Sergio Aguero, who will also give access to Sadio Mane on the left flank. But there is a fat minus in this, considering that the Argentine Scream-card costs more than a million. The same Dembele with the Road to the Final card opens up many more options.

But here we must say that you can’t do without an idol card in the center of the field, because in Spain there is no midfielder who can guarantee a more or less quiet life. Therefore, with Messi, in any case, you must be ready to fork out.

Impact – 5/5

Messi’s gaming performance is simply awesome. This is one of the strongest players in FIFA, even taking into account idols like Ronaldo, Eusebio and others. The parameters of the strike (94) and the pass (94) make it deadly, and dribbling (98) seems to help slip away from any defender. A big bonus is stability (98). She will allow him to drag the game in the most difficult situations.

Of the minuses, strength (71), jumping (71) and health (78) can be noted. Messi can barely finish the game until the end of the match, and in extra time will be completely useless. If you move him to the position of the DAC, then after 60 minutes you’ll have to release someone else.

Market value

Two million is a giant price tag for the Argentinean. And this despite the fact that you can find a bunch of other options for the extreme player. Here both Salah and Dembele … And if you pursue the goal of moving it to the center of the field, then there are a lot of opportunities for two million.

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In our opinion, this is an absolutely pointless waste of coins. Messi’s main problem in FIFA 20 is position. Using a player on the right flank with such pass stats is a crime. Leo should play as a central attacking midfielder and will be the best option there.

But here there are pitfalls – player endurance (78) leaves much to be desired. Spending over two million coins on a player who runs back one and a half half does not seem to be too reasonable a decision. For this amount you can buy more suitable players on the flank.

The bottom line: only the collectors or donators need a Messi card.