Antoine Griezmann – universal soldier in the attack FIFA Ultimate Team

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies launched special promotions to support users. EA chose the traditional format and made another FUT Birthday. In honor of the start of the event, the ODDS portal expert decided to figure out what is good about the new version of Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann General Features in FIFA 20

  • rating – 9/10;
  • speed – 8/10;
  • dribbling – 9.5 / 10;
  • shots – 9.5 / 10;
  • pass – 9.5 / 10.

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Characteristics of the new Griezmann card

I will make a reservation right away that I did not spend 1.5 million coins on Griezmann. Quickly and not quite legally managing the assignment for friendly matches in an hour (with a pause due to the limit), I received a pack of 24 rare players. Griezmann fell out of it and it was necessary to integrate it into the composition. This did not amount to work – Ribery helped, who was also caught from the pack with the guaranteed Werewolf.

Griezmann previously had four cards, and all of them lacked one – speed. The Frenchman in the game has always been distinguished by a deadly left punch and a good pass. In this version, problems were solved with speed, and the “Catalyst” and natural anthropometric data made the card almost perfect.

Now Griezmann is a universal soldier of the line of attack. With the teamwork style, “Catalyst” is an excellent DAC, with “Hunter” it is a top striker. Most likely, it should be used at the cutting edge for maximum efficiency, but I have taken this position and cannot be discussed.


Five stars on a weak leg complete the picture, which creates an additional headache for the opponents’ defenders. They just get tired of wondering which direction Griezmann will turn on impact, and completion (94) simply leaves no chance for the goalkeeper.

An impressive set of talents is also impressive. Here and “Parachute”, and “Strike with the outer side of the foot”, and “Entertainment”, and “Precise strike”, and “Long strike”, and “Playmaker” … Even prime idols – even the Brazilian Ronaldo will envy such a set!

Griezmann also has no problems with linking. A whole set of football players will be able to play with him, starting with a scattering of powerful French oporniks and ending with Kilian Mbappe, Eden Hazard and Leo Messi. With the latter there is a hyperlink at all.


If you need Griezmann to shine, put him on the attack. At the position of the DAC, he will act quietly. He is magnificent in the game, opens perfectly and no less perfectly gives the final pass.

Dexterity (93), ball control (93), dribbling (90) help him cling to the ball. And reaction (95) will allow you to instantly adjust to the selection, if the projectile was lost. Good parameters are also for the jump (93), accuracy of heading (86) and endurance (91).

Market value

Griezmann is a great player for his money. Yes, a purchase for 1.5 million will not be affordable for everyone, but if this guy falls from your pack, then you can consider this a great success.

Griezmann Card

In fact, he and Ribery are the only French who can act effectively as a playmaker. One is the best option in the Example, the other is in Series A. Steeper than them in this price category there is simply no one. Well, if you add a variety of links, then everything looks just fine. Moreover, the purchase of Griezmann is a great opportunity to painlessly release Messi and Ronaldo onto the field.


It is worth noting that in FIFA the quality of the game is not an individual, but a team characteristic. If you have many players with a speed of 90+, then the ball will move much faster. The higher the team’s pass indicator, the easier it will be to build attacks – they will have fewer cuts, more accuracy and efficiency. Griezmann with its parameters is a gorgeous amplification in this aspect.