Raja Nainggolan – Budget FIFA 20 Problem Solving

From year to year, Raja Nainggolan in FIFA has been the player who regularly received IF-cards and became a “bist” in the center of the field. ODDS portal figured out what is so good Belgian, who turned out to be unnecessary top clubs and the national team.

General characteristics of Ninggolan in FIFA 20:

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Nainggolan Skills

  • rating – 8.5 / 10;
  • speed – 8.5 / 10;
  • dribbling – 8/10;
  • pass – 9/10;
  • hit – 8.5 / 10;
  • protection – 9/10.

Immediately make a reservation that we are not talking about the base, but about the version from the team of the week with a rating of 86. It’s easy to integrate the Belgian into the squad. He will receive a link with Dalbert from the Series A assembly with Josep Guardiola and with Eden Hazard. Although instead of an idol, you can always put Kevin De Bruyne.

Ninggolan must play in the supporting zone. Practice has shown that it should not be limited in any way forward. In defense, he will fight off the whole match without problems (endurance – 92), and in the attack will become indispensable at the second pace. Shot force 89 and long-range shots 91 will do their job properly.

Raji’s defensive qualities with Shadow teamwork are beyond expectations. This is an extremely tenacious player who just does not lag behind the opponent, will in every way grab, hold and restrict the movement of even the fastest and most brisk players.

Impact – 4/5

Among other things, the card is perfectly balanced, such indicators can be found only among idols. Hits – 94, assists – 82, dribbling – 86, defense – 86, physics – 85. Not all attackers or DACs have such indicators in the game.

In the parameters, tackle (93), selection (89), interceptions (89), reaction (88), short pass (88) and long pass (85) are distinguished. Not only does Nainggolan take the balls without any problems, it also starts and accelerates attacks perfectly. In FIFA 20, this is an invaluable quality that creates a ton of space for players on the attack line.

It is worth mentioning that there is a version with a rating of 87 on the market. This is a player of the Headliners series with the wildest characteristics for an opornik. Therefore, if you have 410 thousand, then you know what to do.

Market value

Nainggolan Cost

At the start, Raji’s card cost more than 300 thousand. Over time, it decently fell in price and now will cost 137 thousand, which is very budgetary, given the solidity and monolithicity that he will bring to the overall picture of the team’s game.


We can say that the Ninggolan card in FIFA fully reflects its essence in real football. One thing is not clear – why he suddenly turned out to be useless to anyone. Raju has always been distinguished by a fighting character, the ability to give all the best to the last and stand to the end. They got rid of him in Roma; he did not come in handy in Inter either.

Now the Belgian plays in Cagliari, and the results in the first half of the season the team owes it to Raji Nainggolan.

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