Infinite Replayability Game: New Details for Returnal, the Big PlayStation 5 Exclusive

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Game studio Housemarque told in an interview to the publication GamesRadar about your new project Returnal – dark sci-fi action game for console Playstation 5

Current president Housemarque Ilari Kuittinen admitted that the studio’s latest games have failed to find a response in the hearts of a wide audience. Because of this, the developers planned to seriously reconsider the course of their development, and then they were helped by Sonyinterested in another project for the library PS5

At the heart of the plot Returnal lies the story of the astronaut Selena, who finds herself on an alien planet. Soon, the woman realizes that she is trapped in a real time loop – every time she has to experience the same events. And it is this moment that defines the entire vector of the project – from the narrative elements to the gameplay.

Every time you sit down at Returnal, players will have to start over and over again, overcoming procedurally generated difficulties… However, the developers have made every effort to ensure that the project does not feel rehearsal. The repetition of certain events is part of the plot, and the permanent progression system will gradually begin to open up more and more opportunities for Selena to move around locations and fight opponents.

“We worked very hard to find the right balance. The balance between fear for your life, where one mistake can cost you permanent death, which is inherent in good roguelike games (as well as arcade projects), and between a pleasant progression system that rewards you for all the time you’ve invested in the game, “the developers of Returnal explain.

The ultimate goal Housemarque while creating Returnal is to present the audience with a game that offers almost endless replay value

“In all of our games, we are guided by the traditional philosophy of arcade games, trying to give endless replayability. Returnal is no exception. We are again focusing on the most important thing – everything is based on the desire to spend as much time as possible playing the game. Any elements implemented in the project are analyzed from a simple point of view – they should not bother… If something gives vivid emotions only once, then we do not repeat such aspects of design “, – emphasized the authors of Returnal.

Release Returnal should take place 19 march just on Playstation 5… In Russia, the game will be sold at a price of 5,490 rubles.

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