Astronaut Selena Destroys Dangerous Alien Monsters In New Returnal PS5 Exclusive Trailer

Two weeks before the release, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemarque have released another fresh trailer for the fantastic rogue-light action Returnalcreated exclusively for Playstation 5

The developers dedicated a new video to the creatures of the planet Atropos, against whom the astronaut Selena will have to fight for her survival in a mysterious world where time is looped into an endless circle of death and rebirth.

In addition, the authors showed a bunch of fresh screenshots and concept art showing various enemies, and posted on the PlayStation blog material with a story about the creation of hostile creatures, as well as details about certain types of enemies and the battle system. You can read in Russian here

Returnal will be released April 30th… The project has already been sent to the “gold”.

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