“It’s hard to make promises”: The authors of the PS5-exclusive Returnal have not yet decided how to implement the new save system

Finnish studio Housemarque continues to work on changes to the system for saving progress in the experimental action Returnal for console Playstation 5… The developers talked about this in an interview with the resource Axios Gaming

Recall that debuted at the end of last month Returnal has a somewhat atypical structure, designed for multiple passage of the same segments. However, a problem for some players was the fact that Returnal does not imply intermediate saves within one “race“, which is why for a comfortable acquaintance with the project, long game sessions are required, numbering from one to several hours of gameplay.

Before Housemarque has already responded to complaints, assuring that she is closely following the wishes of the audience. Now Finnish developers have admitted that the delay in the release of a potential patch for Returnalchanging the save system is caused by the desire of the authors to come to the most successful solution – the studio wants to please everyone.

“So far, we have not decided on the final decision. [относительно сохранений в Returnal]… It is very difficult to make specific promises when different players expect different things, “explained Mikael Hawari, Senior Marketing Officer at Housemarque.

Release Returnal took place April 30 only for Playstation 5… Read our review of this game here

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