Citizens of Earth

“HAIL to the Vicepresident!”

Citizens of Earth (PC) Illustration

That the era of the consoles of 16 BIT was great in terms of quality, production and masterpieces is beyond doubt. And among the graceful genres, the traditional Role stood out, especially in a Super Nintendo that swept, from Chrono Trigger to Final Fantasy VI,


from Secret of Mana to Illusion of Time. Among them is Earthbound, a cult title that we took a long time to see in PAL format, and a direct reference for


this Citizens of Earth from Eden Industries that Atlus has bothered to translate into Spanish, seeking to respect the game’s characteristic humor. Come on, let’s see how we can be that of being the Vice President of the whole world.

Do you remember how Earthbound was a very accurate parody at a visual and narrative level in its background of roleplay odyssey Japan RPG? Well, here we can say that the culture and politics of the USA serve as a backdrop to cover all the usual elements of a RPG of the era 16


BIT and present it to us in another way. Instead of going through a medieval-looking map and dealing with low-profile monsters / animals in order to go light in our early stages, we will have to fight against demonstrators who do not want us to occupy our


VP position on our way to Starbucks for breakfast. But although we are in a game to throw his horitas -13-14 in its main story and around 9-10 for parallel missions, the truth is that it fails precisely to achieve a plot and memorable characters,

Citizens of Earth (PC) screenshot

Eden Industries prefers to opt for the clichés and archetypes of the era it is about, from a petulant vice president, believed and to be done everything – we are, as in the current policy – to a cast of secondaries that go from the cycled stalks of turn to the ‘nerd’ frikilón. So many tasks are to be carried out, that the agenda that we carry becomes insufficient and very unbalanced.


The idea of ​​”resolving the strange behavior that is seen by the people” that we have to do when we want to recruit the police becomes a somewhat ambiguous task,


especially with a size of considerable mapping and an ineffective advice system. Others, on the other hand, are more specific, but in general the ambiguity at the time of giving us data makes us lose time going around unnecessarily.

We are going to talk about our ‘party’ because it is one of the best features of the gameplay. Our Vice President, of course, leads the way but will never fight -it is not something that is in his elected office, for that he gives orders-, but the characters he recruits will do.


With a team of up to 40 to form our group, their differences in their nature will be the basis to guide us, as a journalist and novice photographer who we recruit


after looking for lenses for your camera and a scenario – and leave let us do a photo shoot-, than a stocky policeman of color. And each one fulfills its purpose well and is useful, either for essential or merely aesthetic things,


having skills both within the battles and outside on the world map: The strongman takes obstacles out of the way, The pastry chef is able to heal the group, the car salesman provides us with fast transportation. And as we say, at the time of recruiting each one will have to solve Sidequest or mini-games to be incorporated.