Manny’s Second Chance
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At the time of writing this analysis, it would have been easy to give free rein to the bad milk that most of us get with this whole experiment in rooms that the videogame industry has become. What if DLCs, what if micro-payments, what if games of € 70 that come out


half-cooked and do not work until months later … Yes, releasing some of the accumulated bad blood. But do you know one thing? This occasion is too special to spoil it with something like that, something ugly and not at all elegant. And Manny does not deserve it.

Dying Light

The truth is that we could mount a whole page talking about the business that have become the Remastering, or the Remastered, that in English everything


sounds less burdensome and more ‘cool’. But suffice it to say that there are Remasterizations, and ‘Remastereds’; occasions in which it sounds like crude sacacuartos made up as what it is not, and others in which the name of Remasterizado


is used correctly, not so much for the visual quality, the graphic improvements, but because the game itself deserved a second opportunity. And although there is not much, and there’s a lot of good with his ‘Remastered’ one-two years, sometimes that Beyond Good & Evil ,


that Stranger’s Wrath, those cult titles for having sold 4 units when they deserved better luck, return to give the word Remastered that aroma to something that deserves to return.


“But you have not answered …
Why does Manny deserve that second Chance?”

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We had been announced, giving one of the big surprises in the last E3; we have had time to assimilate it, to hype, but when you get down to work and you realize that you are playing the final show of the LucasArts magic in the Graphic Adventure – the quintessence will always be Monkey Island or


Day of the Tentacle – in a Next Gene console and at the same time in a laptop – the analysis we have done in the PS4-Vita binomial -, you have to assimilate it.


Yes, we could throw a quick piece, something in plan ” store this, this and this, and now it looks like this and it plays like that” , but although there will be those who say, “Hey, it’s just a game and the ancients“, The truth is that Grim Fandango


is a work of art whose status and prestige has only grown in its aura of grandeur, of testament LucasArts and Schafer -Tim did not return to the genre until the recent Broken Age – but at the same time It makes you feel that you have returned to a time of games quite different from the current one.

Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4) screenshotgrim_fandango_remastered_20150126204202.jpg Screenshot

But a work of art does not earn those ten letters just like that. So we are going to make a virtual vivisection to Grim Fandango Remastered , to extract his guts, visual and playable to the rhythm of the most rogue Jazz to corroborate how well he has endured the time.


We started with his script, a concatenation of memorable characters all equally well developed, hilarious situations, loving parodies –


The Godfather, The Maltese Falcon, to Casablanca -, magnificent development and evolution of characters, which we will try to reveal as little as possible: Get to know that character that we have mentioned so much, Manuel ‘Manny’ Calavera , a particular version of La Parca Transmuted into a commercial that welcomes the souls that pass to the


other world to offer them eternal rest, at the same time good travel packages to reach it in the most comfortable way possible, either in the most luxurious train of the Underworld that takes us to rest eternal in 4 minutes if we have had a life of millionaire, or a cane with which to walk 4 years if rather we have died with the post.

Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4) screenshot

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Once the best salesman, a kind of Don Draper of the dead, Calavera has problems with his client portfolio, a boss who threatens him with dismissal and a rival in the agency that takes away the best commissions. But aside from this, something happens:


There is a new political movement in the World of the Dead, revolutionary factions directed by outsiders of the Law like Salvador Limones,


airs of conspiracies, Femmes Fatales and many hidden secrets, many skeletons in the closets. The history of the game, without altering, without retouching, without extending, as it was, takes place in an ingame period of 4 years – four chapters – and the

imagination put into the story, in the purest Noir style of the 40s. With the Mexican folklore of Dia de los Muertos, Raymond Chandler’s plots and those


sudden script twists still retain their freshness, quality and the double meaning of many of the intelligent dialogues. It does not get heavy and it seems that we are constantly discovering new things as well as hilarious ones.