Quantic Dream has earned its glory by itself. The French studio captained by David Cageand in charge of such popular and promoted titles as Heavy Rain or Beyond: Dos Almashad a prolific career before them as an independent company and not strictly linked to the PlayStation consoles . After its revolutionary initial title Omikron: The Nomad Soul ,


its second great project for PC, PS2 and the first Xbox distributed by Atari, finally much more cinematographic thanks to the technology of then, was Fahrenheit -known as Indigo Prophecyin United States-. It was a graphic adventure refocused in the Quantic

Dying Light

Dream style that today returns to the limelight in a remastered format , for computers and iOS devices , with a series of improvements implemented in its audiovisual aspect and controls. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is the update of a classique of those who leave their mark.

Grey Goo

It is the ability of this particular study, to tell talented stories , stories of intrigue that remain forever engraved on the player, that keep it stuck to the screen until they are completed, and that, by the way, can be finished several very different forms according to the decisions with consequencethat we take during its course. This idea so shuffled and crowded by many video game authors is usually diluted and does not achieve the levels that are usually promised and wanted.


But in Fahrenheit, unlike in Beyond: Dos Almas where only the last section really decided what final we would see, it was and is a formula that was quite well implemented. As little in the same line as Heavy Rain, game where the protagonists could die and make us reach a really tragic end if we did not proceed with caution.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered (IPD) screenshot

This starting point made and continues to make Fahrenheit an attractive and extraordinary proposal within the genre of graphic adventures, which fortunately or


unfortunately does not end up belonging since there are also moments of tension, reflexes and guided action with Quick Time Events and simple minigames . The challenge for Cage and his people was to bring the point and click with touches of playable intensity to the controls of a console. Now the challenge of Aspyr,


the developer responsible for the remastering and optimization of new controls for mouse and touch devices, was to keep it fun and satisfying in handling.


For Hollywood narrative and staging is a diamond in the rough, fruit of the good hand of Quantic at the time of telling stories and immerse the player in an absorbent universe treated in a cinematic way.

Leaving all that aside, what ends up making appetizing always a remsterización, in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is also: the nostalgic point of what was a great game.


And it is that, for those who do not know the original, we have to say that this graphic adventure that starts from a mysterious murder in a New York cafeteria, was revolutionary at the time and totally inflñuyente


in the following years. Not only for the obsessive cinematographic treatment of shots, frames, round characters , narrative with peaks or in parallel, moments of action …, but also for the quadrupled approach to history ,


told intermittently from the eyes of four characters to the that we handle, the Kane brothers and the Carla and Tyler agents.

Stories that cross and show different approach to what happened, stories full of surprises and, yes, with a last third of the story that everyone did not like because of the extraordinary nature of their approach. It is in the hands of the new player to discover more about


this intriguing research adventure – we do not want to eviscerate anything – that is made up of great moments of tension, action, transcendent conversations


with influence on what will happen a posteriori, and a very good sound atmosphere to accompany to this road that is not going to be precisely roses. Music by


Angelo Baladamenti , the composer of many of the soundtracks of David Lynch’s films, now remastered and with much cleaner sound and better equalized bass. And a range of audio effects that remains striking today, also quite refined for better sound exposure.


Also the magnificent English, Spanish, German and French original dubbing , to choose from in the options menu in texts and audio. There are no complaints in this regard.