Spellforce 3 review saga dates back to 2003, but many may have never heard of this game online.

This is because, despite their base there is a crasis between mechanical RPG isometric and RTS.

The games of the deceased Phenomic have never been able to emerge that much.


Spellforce 3 release date

December 7, 2017


December 7, 2017

Spellforce is one of those games that you can play , however has that charm typical of the most niche productions: to remember it is deployed a small fanbase composed of nostalgic and passionate, ready to raise the shields to prevent the tide of the market drag the memories away.

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Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic have moved to resurrect a faded name over time.

In order to perpetrate its memory and also to make it discover the most curious.


Precisely for this Spellforce III decides to take up the entire world of Eo’s imagery, but transports it five hundred years earlier than the first chapter, so that anyone can be at ease in the game context.

Grimlore, however, has also made some cuts and changes, has unbalanced the mechanics more towards an RPG than a strategic one.

More than a third chapter in all respects, in short, imagine spellforce complete collection as a spiritual heir of his predecessors.

Fantasy salad

Spellforce gameplay does not wallow in originality, indeed, it takes possession of many of the most famous fantasy clichés, but manages equally to keep the embers of the heated, even if in flashes.

It blooms well-written dialogues and immediately takes the path of banality again.

The many thematic suggestions that make up the main quest seem to be the result of a large mosaic built from the pieces of previous creations.

We find the drama of a disease that brutally affects some men, burning the blood in their veins; a group of religious fanatics who wants to bring his god back to earth.

Persecutions of wizards and sorcerers, alliances and betrayals, battles to the death, tragic defeats and a protagonist from the tormented past.?

Spellforce 3 guide

The hero (or the heroine) of Spellforce III in fact, he is the son of Isamo Tahar.

A rebel magician who had attacked the stability of the kingdom of Nortender.

To stop the persecution of individuals capable of manipulating magic.


The queen’s soldiers also run into Tahar’s son, disgusted to such an extent by his father’s actions that he comes to deny it.


From where the real adventure starts, which pushes the protagonist.

His party of outcasts to discover the causes of Ardisangue, a strange evil of magical origin

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The solution of the arcana goes through the discovery of Mulandir.

An ancient city where the group establishes a base and begins.

To recruit military allies Mulandir is a real hub of play, from there he can converse with his companions.

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