Clashes to the last blood

After the controversy of the last few months, with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment accused by PC players of having abandoned them and treated as users of series B, the American company seems to have decided to run for cover (better late than never) to offer even fans who own a computer an edition of Mortal Kombat finally complete and free of many of the defects that have tormented Mortal Kombat X.In this sense, the American publisher turned to QLOC, a Polish development team famous for its good console-to-PC portals, such as Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken.


The goal was in fact to optimize certain elements related to the technology, including the netcode, so as to offer a better conversion than the “old” Mortal Kombat X. In fact, applying the patch that generally recalibrates some aspects of gameplay, and downloading Mortal Kombat XL ( or the various possible combinations),


PC users may have at their disposal a virtually new and completely different game, with all the extra content previously released within various console packages, including the Medieval Skin Pack, The Pit arena and the two Kombat Pack that widen the already large roster of characters.

Mortal Kombat XL finally gives PC users a complete and refined edition of the famous fighting game


In this sense, all the characters of Mortal Kombat X are added to the various Tremors, Jason Voorhees of the movies Friday 13, Triborg, Bo’Rai Cho, the Leather Face of the series Do not open that door and Alien’s xenomorphic alien.


Each of them, as well as every element of the cast, is present with various alternative costumes, Fatality, Brutality and three different fighting styles (four in the case of Triborg) that vary the combos, special moves and style.


From the point of view of mechanics, the title is obviously anchored to pivotal elements such as a certain spectacularity and speed, even if it does not disdain to give some technicalities to those who are willing to dedicate a little more time to learn every single move, and that maybe they are willing to play it at more advanced levels of difficulty.

Clashes to the last blood
Clashes to the last blood

From this point of view it is important to underline how the filing work done by the developers on some aspects of gameplay, which has been partially recalibrated, works well enough, making the experience more complete, despite of course not distorting it or revolutions. In fact, the structure remains unchanged, but there have been some interventions performed on general parameters such as air strikes, and on each character of the roster, with changes that have affected, depending on the case, parameters such as resistance or negative effects or on the positive side of some hitboxes, the ability of some special techniques to support a total number of hits before being interrupted, changing the number of frames of advantage, disadvantage or recovery of certain moves, and so on.


For example, Alien’s xenomorphic alien is less powerful than before, especially in some types of moves executable with the tail, while perhaps a couple of Sub Zero techniques have a slightly shorter stun effect in terms of duration.


All in favor of a playability that could be a different pinch in some junctures in the eyes of hardcore gamers who played the pre-patch version, but in reality it is not too much, as a whole.


Everything is then corroborated by that massive dose of violence tending to caricature that has always characterized the saga, and a series of other factors that embellish the mechanics. Among these, undoubtedly an important role is played by physics, decisively capable of restoring the feeling of giving and receiving real shots, as well as controlling bodies that are now massive, now more agile, depending on the size of the character.


In the same way the implementation of the race, also recalibrated so that it is more difficult to shoot and then to recover,and the ability to interact with some elements of the scenario, which can be used to their advantage to try to gain momentum for an attack, escape a combo or melee weapon, give players the opportunity to try new avenues in the approach to certain stages of the encounter, and trying out new combinations of moves.