White Day: Labyrinth Named School

Back to school
The White Day is a celebration that is celebrated in South Korea, Japan and China every year on March 14. Similar to the Western Valentine, during this particular day, students are usually gifted with white chocolate sweets to the girls they are in love with, reciprocating the dark chocolate cake received the month before, an unmistakable gesture of an unwanted will not verbally expressed.
In White Day: At Labyrinth Named School , our protagonist intrudes by night at school to return the lost diary of the girl she invaded and leave the sweet gift in her closet, but as it is foreseeable, the idea does not reveal of the best: the school suddenly becomes a prison and besides him, four other girls are trapped in the building, with only one of them escaping from the healthy and savvy institute.
As it is easy to guess, the White Day finals will be multifolded and the answers we will give during the intermittent scenes will lead to the behavior of the characters as well as the developments that will lead to the various epilogues well branched and able to offer a good degree of replayability.
Do not expect a complex screenplay or great choice of options: despite the obvious improvements, new scenarios and a touch of writing in writing, this is still an old game, anchored to a past that nostalgics will appreciate without any doubt. others a little less.
On the other hand, who played the original title at the time will not spend more than four or five hours to complete it, while those who will only play today will spend at least twice.
 The reasons depend on the game structure, from the never-to-say puzzles, from a good deal of frustration and from some atrocious game design choices. Of all this, we’ll talk about it later. It is important now to focus on the narration, which in addition to the main trunk and the vicissitudes of the damn school, creates a mythology that is full of hands from local folklore, adapting to the stories related to ghosts inflicting high school Yeondu.
Each of the cursed spirits will have a macabre story that will touch you, through text files that will reveal the background of rancorous souls still floating between those walls, is part of the mystery that will be revealed only in the final. Expect such a series of typically Oriental clichés, a few scarejump and a good atmosphere, such as what a couple of generations ago was happy about, and that today has gone irreparably to lose.
In the transition between old and new, the strong Eastern flavor of White Day has remained quite marked, and it is clear that there was no interest from the software house to adapt to some modern habits. This, for A Labyrinth Named School , is both a boon and a factor not to be subdued for those who are unkempt to the primordial dynamics of the genre.
White Day: Labyrinth Named School, Review of Korean Horror Remake
Run, there’s the door!
Though this remake has made important changes to the visual, sound, game management, user interface and other notable details, you notice a congenital legacy in movements and especially in interaction with the elements of the scenario.
The game is set up within a large school, so interaction points are always the same. Yet interacting is a machinate process that often requires more than one action to scratch the bottom of a drawer or rotate the camera so that the area of ​​interest is controlled in its entirety.
 Often, it is not even necessary to do so, because the circle-shaped cursor (which we will have to direct) must include within it the point that responds to our stresses. Doing it in times of panic, of course, is impossible. Beyond that, which is in the end only a legacy of the past, you need to point your finger against the far-sighted design game choices and really to the limit of frustration, which will force you to repeat the sections well over a couple of times.