Game of Thrones Episode 5 – Nest of Vipers

Game of Thrones in the hands of Telltale faced many challenges. So far we had seen sites of the most varied and that lent themselves to

Blues and Bullets

creating new universes within a “known world”. The Walking Deadopened the closure that followed the more than recommended Wolf Among Us and a hopeful also from Borderlands. But Game of Thrones was different. First, for the proposal to tell five stories with five protagonists -very in line with the format of Martin’s novel and how the action of the

King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight to Remember

HBO series takes place- and, second, because they wanted to fit a house like Forrester in half of a plot and characters that fans know by heart. The penultimate chapter of this season maintains the base of the previous ones, but it does not have the force that is expected of him.

The events are at a point that should begin to take shape towards the end of the season, but although there are certain advances, they end up being insufficient and we will miss much more progress on several fronts that we have open. And that the chapter begins strong,


with Ramsay of the house Bolton deploying all the harshness that we have seen in the series embodied in shocking initial 6-7 minutes. A beginning in which we could surely expect other options in the decisions and positions of Rodrick that unfortunately do not end up giving.

Game of Thrones - Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers (360) screenshot

The feeling that some characters do not advance too much is present in more than one character in which their development does not just have the strength expected from the penultimate episode of the season, something that has always been very careful in the series and that in this case is not met. Yes, we have to say that we will have a cliffhanger at the end of the


year and that we will have to make a decision that inevitably changes many things in the face of Chapter 6 and the end of the season. According to our choice we are on the way to a different staging than we would have with another decision. It is to applaud the end and how it puts the user in a difficult position, but in the end we ended up talking about one-two pieces of the five that are.

The development of the game remains unchanged, with the dialogues and our position in them as the main action of the player, who will hardly have areas to explore -more contextual to advance the plot than no puzzle to solve- and we will only have to deal with a


couple of moments of action that will be developed QTE type as we are used to the company in this regard. The important thing is the characters and their dialogues, and here certain icons of the series that play a noteworthy role in the chapter gain a vital weight.

Game of Thrones - Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers (360) screenshot

This is the case of the aforementioned Ramsay , perfectly recreated in all his monstrosity from the first moment he takes command of the chapter, but is not the


only or the best. Surely everything that will happen in Landing of the King with Mira of protagonist could have given much more of itself in what advance of the plot is concerned, but it is compensated with a noteworthy role of both


Tyrion and Cersei. Two star characters in the HBO series that show all their power in this section of the chapter and remind us why many users wanted to revive from another point of view Game of Thrones: precisely to see moments like these. Of course,


in the same way that these three characters have a role of height, it is necessary to say that Daenerys in his role in Meeren with Asher does not seem the same or has the power of conviction that conveys in the series.

Finally, note that although what happens around Gared is not bad, the reality is that we just progressed in their objectives and that will force everything to rush into the last chapter of the season and that in this episode we also discover a fact that We were


working from the beginning (for those who have played, we refer to what has to do with the penultimate great decision) and that in our view is not convincing either. Taking into account our previous decisions, we are not satisfied with the discovery sincerely.