After Avengers Finale, Christian Bale is shown in the new Marvel movie

After the publication on the network of information that actor Christian Bale (Christian Bale) is considered for a key role in the new film Marvel after Avengers Finale, fans were shown how Bale might look in a new look.

According to, information has recently appeared on the network that, after Avengers: Final, the creators of the Marvel cinema universe are in talks with actor Christian Bale for a role in the new project. It is assumed that Christian Bale can play in the movie Thor 4: Love and Thunder, and his character will be the hero of Beta Ray Bill or the villain Mephisto. Fans of the superhero movie universe MCU immediately showed how Bale might look like the supervillain Mephisto, who appeared in many comics. Bale was portrayed in a demonic form with red skin, a frightening cloak and dark hair. It is interesting that Bale in the role of Mephisto was portrayed very thin, which Christian Bale often has to go to in his projects.

As the name suggests, Mephisto is a version of the Devil himself in Marvel comics. Mephisto most often appeared in the Ghost Rider comics, however, he also crossed with other Marvel superheroes. It is still unknown what role Christian Bale was offered, and many fans dream that the actor should play not Mephisto, but the alien Beth Ray Bill, a well-known ally of Thor who is not inferior in strength to the thunder God himself from Avengers 4 Final.

Actor Christian Bale previously played Bruce Wayne (Batman) in the trilogy of films by Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan), and according to many viewers, this image is one of Batman’s most successful film versions. According to, the release of the movie Thor 4: Love and Thunder is scheduled for November 5, 2023.