Sony performance at CES 2023 will be held on January 7 – review

Sony announcedthat the corporation’s press conference at the CES 2023 Consumer Technology Show will begin on January 7 at 04:00 Moscow time.

The performance received a loud headline “The future is coming“, Although the official translation in Russian does not sound so pathetic:” A promising future. ”

It is still unknown what the Japanese will show in the USA, but you should not count on a wealth of information about the PlayStation 5. Usually, Sony briefly mentions the console during the event, only noticing the next successes of its gaming division.

However, everything can happen exactly the opposite: PlayStation 5 Marketing noticeably different from the presentations of their predecessors, so it’s still worth keeping your ear sharp – suddenly what will they present.

By the way, three hours before Sony, on January 7 at 01:00 Moscow time, AMD’s performance will begin, where new products of the company can be shown – it is possible that they will be used in new generation consoles.