Pilgrims Review | Gamemag

Czech studio Amanita designgiving the world tube adventures Samorost and Machinarium, returned in the fall with a new project using a traditional fairy tale narration combined with card mechanics.

Game designer of the project Jakub Dvorsky uses cards that symbolize characters and objects to build basic mechanics, where you post a character image and then supply it with additional objects to solve one of the many game puzzles.

The protagonist of the story, the nameless traveler, wants to swim to the other side of the river, but the boatman falls asleep without the trill of a nightingale. You need to find and catch a songbird, in the course of the plot, fulfilling the requests of other characters.

For example, to expel an impudent witch from home. A hunter met in the woods craves a bottle of strong alcohol, and the king is ready to give his daughter for the hunter if he kills the greedy dragon.

By receiving cards of new characters in the team, you can solve simple problems in a variety of ways. In one place of the plot, using the traveler, you have to get a fishing rod, then find a worm, pick up a pot of water, catch fish, cook it on fire and exchange the dish for alcohol.

Using the hunter’s card, you can simply charge the gun with a strong acorn and take away the precious ale from the bartender, without wasting time on the role model of the messenger.

At the same time, the game moves you to research and search for unexpected combinations of characters and objects, which, with the help of a magic brush of the authors, turn into humorous sketches.

For example, cooking soup from fly agaric you will get incredible speed, and using fish instead of bait in the lake you can catch a magical character.

Pilgrims features over 45 unique events, including a bonus mission for a trait, which are highlighted in the deck of achievements.

Some require a repeat of the story. However, with a short duration of the main plot, this does not bother.