It’s time for the second line – the announcement of the strategy of Realpolitiks 2

Publishing house 1C Entertainment and studio Jujubee announced a joint work on an economic strategy Realpolitiks 2, which is scheduled for release in autumn 2022 PC.

In Realpolitiks 2, players will become the leaders of a modern state and will have to bring it to world domination, managing the economy, participating in armed conflicts, solving international problems through diplomacy and espionage, as well as coping with such threats as terrorism, epidemics and hunger.

Realpolitiks 2 He will offer a new economic system that will manage life by building new buildings, defining trade policies and using the special skills of assistants to improve (or ruin) the lives of citizens, the description says. Too quick and unexpected transition from democracy to totalitarianism will lead to rebellion.

Among other things, the game will implement a completely redesigned combat system that allows you to fully control the battlefield. The player will be able to command the soldiers and develop the skills of generals to gain new tactical opportunities on land, at sea and in the air. We’ll have to carefully plan our military strategy, taking into account external factors: weather, terrain, the combat formation of units, military equipment and much more.

Players who prefer to resolve issues through diplomatic means will be happy to know that diplomacy has become even more diverse thanks to new opportunities, such as the conclusion of non-aggression and defense pacts, the possibility of agreeing on military cooperation, joining trade unions and resolving issues in peace negotiations, which have become even more worked out. The espionage system has also been improved, it will now be possible to increase the level of their spies and develop their professional skills, making it easier to bring chaos to the ranks of enemies or deceive their own people.

Now the game is announced for release on PC.

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