Unravel levels sufficient local and do not dazzle scale Uncharted. All the locations that we see here – this is quite ordinary and familiar places like, the edge of the forest, car garage or the seashore.

No science fiction alien space bases and abandoned Aztec temples we did not show. However, less interesting from this game of choice becomes. On the contrary, the usual places are served through the lens of the vision the little man. Small crab cute little animal just for us, but for Jarni – a real threat.

I’m not talking about what kind of a shock to knit man leads a running hamster! A crow who love all brilliant? This is what we can to disperse them one sharp movement of the hand, and for them the protagonist is similar to airplane flies over a field of Hitchcock’s “To the North by Northwest”!

The game makes every effort to make us think not standard. You see a small jar from under a soda? For us it is just garbage and Jarni can live or to use as a boat in it. Forestry slope rolls wheel? Knitted man can use it as a vehicle, like a circus clown riding around on odnokolosnom bicycle. In short, even looking at the usual location eyed man rising a little more than a field flower incredibly interesting!

All locations, despite the commitment to the overall style, convey a completely different mood. Here we run through the yard around the house a summer day under the sun leaping.

Jarni, as a living, surprised shrinkdown near a flower butterfly. Along with him, and we begin to notice how beautiful are ordinary things. Another sketch – the coastal zone of the sea where we we skip on pebbles and ulepotyvaem of crabs, for some reason, very aggressive to us minded. Somewhere in the trees the branches caught someone’s kite.

Jarni effortlessly from branch to branch jumps to him and release him. And then we have seen a great journey knit man riding on a snake, like some paraglider. Here are three landscape – forest thicket. Here markedly darker and less friendly. We run through the asphalt track and drives past us at full speed passenger car. Probably, the driver did not even noticed something strange on the road, but this event was like a disaster for us.

Then we wandered in the woods the jungle and see the puddle of toxic waste that can easily burn the protagonist. The world is changing, we understand that the way to be difficult and full of dangers. Long journey ends just too heavy level with winter blizzard that bears eloquent name “Last Leaf”. Here the authors are trying to make us negative emotions – sadness, fear, pain and sorrow.

This is understandable when we betray thinking about the past, in our heads emerge not only pleasant memories. The loss of loved ones, old grudges, stupid mistakes – all an integral part of the past, and from it can not escape. Against the backdrop of barely manifest outline silhouettes of people standing over a gravestone. At this point, death reigns, and elements like emphasizes it.

Jarni scared froze and the last effort drags an old rustic lantern with a candle. Piercing wind now and then knocks him down, and all that remains to him, is to stay on the dissolved from the body of the thread sticking out from the land of bitches. We do not explain anything, but we understand everything.

On average, it takes eight to ten minutes on the passage of the same level. Ending each traditionally ends with a small animation insert, in which we see how man is knitted icon associated from the same thread, like himself.

Then we are transported to the present, where Jarni, standing on the table, this is the glue icon on the album cover. Obviously, this has some subtext, like that so he leaves those memories, but honestly, I do not quite understand the idea. Unravel definitely has philosophical meaning.

Thread – a cross-cutting theme of the work. And not only in terms of gameplay, but also globally. Man, entirely consisting of red and white threads symbolizes the link between family. Actually, it turns out,

By the way, after the passage of locations, you can open a photo album and view the photos collected. Personally, I reminded the gathering of the approach of stickers for a special magazine in childhood – probably you, too, was something like that with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sonic the Hedgehog. So here, to collect a final logo is not enough to open all the pictures – for the full picture, you’ll need to go back in through levels and collect a few hidden buttons. At each level, there are exactly five pieces and hid them, at times, can be quite carefully. Here comes into play a real passion for research and a challenge to logic.

Even those buttons that are on the mind, often get is not so easy. The fact is that the gameplay is completely tied to orudovanii thread. Jarni using them clings, like a lasso, the branches of trees and pulled up; He pulls on the trampoline and jump on it to hard to reach places; pulls fallen items and pulls levers. On this particular built literally everything! Special mention should be such a thing as the length of the string. All threads, used by the protagonist, “borrowed” his own body.

Therefore, of course, if we zaberomsya too far and use up all the reserves, man unwittingly commit suicide. This encourages us to act at every level segment intelligently and thoughtfully – you always have to think not only about how to climb the hill yonder, but also how to make it as short as possible way. Fortunately, levels generously ponastavleny extra skeins of thread, which are at the same time are also a point of conservation progress.

Such a move is well disguises the standard game mechanics and gives them in harmony with the outside world. Thus, the adventure turns into a puzzle that will not dry out your gray matter. Returning to the buttons, say that often, in order to get to being in sight buttons you can not corny enough thread. The additional skein already hidden and you have to look.

Complexity Unravel (if you are, of course, conceived to pass it at 100%) and then jumps. Some levels I easily passed the first time with finding all the secrets, but others had to tinker quite a long time. Some buttons have generally been found by chance.

Therefore, following the precepts of the original trilogy Crash Bandicoot, expect secrets in the craziest places – jump into each abyss and pull on each wall. Fortunately, the expense of lives are not conducted, and store the point across quite often.

Another difficulty associated with the management. So that everything worked as it is necessary to dispose of thread in all its glory, and not feel constrained, you will have a long time to learn what and where to push. While not the fact that by the end of the game, you still memorize all these keyboard shortcuts.

Personally, I’m down to the last third of the game did not learn to throw the thread to the adjacent hook hanging around. Although the game has introductory tutorial level, which gradually introduces you to control features, information on such short notice is given too much, and some still flies you out of my head.

I tried to go see a gamepad control settings in case anything happens to change the indigestible key combinations, but each time the game is consistently crashed – I do not know a single case of it or not. However, if you made herself

It’s a shame and what a mechanic disclosed literally in the first two levels are not growing and not growing in the remaining ten. We just endlessly doing the same thing until you get to the closing credits. At the main character have no systems pumping range of its threads and new tricks, he does not learn. Because of this created the feeling that you replay the same level, which will replace the background.

By the way, the background is great. Sometimes, because of the depth of field is difficult to discern the details, but there is definitely a happening kind of life. Hedgehogs in the forest creep across the road, in the sky flies a flock of crows, pass beeping cars. Backgrounds fill level of depth and work perfectly on the idea. A look at the world through the eyes of a tiny resident recalls Little Nightmares – that’s only if that contributed to dive into their own fears, this calls for the warmth and comfort.

Despite the fact that the mechanics do not change the game, certain locations manage to throw us something unusual, exhilarating vigilance player. For example, in one level you will need to climb a children’s bicycle and go over the fence. It seems simple, except that the bike Jarni over fifty times! Or here’s another task – in late autumn on the water there is a thin layer of ice and knitted man must tread on the surface of the most carefully, so as not to drown (swim, our hero does not know how).

Or another thing – when the hero climbs to the mountain and the ground begins to shake from a rockfall. Jarni need to quickly hide in some pit, not to be flattened a huge boulder. Or here – the protagonist sneaks into the house through the window, and then turned off the lights and cockroaches running around on the floor. If you step on the parquet floor, you are instantly surrounded and eat.

Therefore it is necessary, using its red thread their way on top and look for the switch to light up the table lamp and scared away the small tenants. For most locations, depending on the context, create a unique game situations that are almost not repeated further. I can not say that there is something that you have not seen in other platformer.


But with all the faux pas, scolded Unravel somehow does not want. This one-piece, kind, spotted by metaphors game that put his whole soul young Swedish designers.

It has a healing property during the autumn of depression, makes us think about life, and make haste to call their relatives and manage their health. After collecting all the buttons, you open any additional costumes or secret levels. But the only way you will be able to fully scored photographs photos and build a complete story of what is happening. I will not spoil the impression, just say that it’s worth it.