Mass Effect – Story Series

What connects the game about a man in tight black latex, which in friends dog with six legs and a scientist with a mustache like Munchausen, and a space thriller, in which sensualist save the galaxy from giant mechanical squid? Correctly (if you’ve guessed right, uh-huh) – Keysi Hadson .

This Canadian began his spectacular career as a technical artist, who worked on the MDK 2 , and only then could make a valuable contribution and zip in the credits of games such as Baldur’s Gate 2 , of Neverwinter Nights , Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic , Jade Empire and Of course, sit in the chair of the executive director of the Mass Effect .

Some heroes become attached too much.  So much so that you go on missions only with them.Some heroes become attached too much. So much so that you go on missions only with them.

The gaming industry knows many amazing episodes, some of which are mentioned twenty-fifth or thirtieth anniversary; hell, there are series that are relatively young, but they have already managed to survive several generations of gaming systems and employs a dozen installations.

Nevertheless, few people can and want to tell interesting stories that are not only firmly connect multiple games together, but also manage to be exciting, that now is difficult, given the number of sequels, prequels and popurrikvelov.

The first part set a good tone for the entire story – there were dashing skirmish blaster, political intrigue, deceit, betrayal, intimate passion with aliens landing on different planets, travel by jeep, as well as car and small truck of small things that made believe what is happening on the screen, live characters, sincerely rejoice in their victories and lamenting because of the mishaps. And, of course, tedious long trips on the elevators, who hid loading levels.

Robots in the Mass Effect universe does not obey the three laws of robotics, so it does not cost anything Shepard fry until crisp.Robots in the Mass Effect universe does not obey the three laws of robotics, so it does not cost anything Shepard fry until crisp.

The second part of the increased rate, moving to the stage of collectors enigmatic, devastating human colony and obviously plotting something evil.

The more a player recognized for his enemies and their motives, the greater the emerging issues and the stronger was hit by an unexpected and frightening outcome.

But it is Mass Effect 3 has built all in the absolute, raising its rates to unprecedented heights and putting at stake the life of the whole universe. Many believe that the third part has turned out several crumpled taken throughout the trilogy solutions Shepard did not find an adequate response, and the ending and all turned out horrible. With the latter it is difficult to argue, especially given the fact that BioWare

For fear of withering anger of hundreds of thousands of fans were forced to expand it a little. But on the other hand, the third part of the trilogy has become a worthy end, forcing the player to take a lot of difficult and emotional decisions, witness the many shocking events and play a decisive role in the fate of an entire galaxy.

The player through the Shepard becomes a part of it, sharing with them a considerable burden of responsibility.

Even having lost limbs, some enemies in Mass Effect 2 still continued to be dangerous.Even having lost limbs, some enemies in Mass Effect 2 still continued to be dangerous.

But Mass Effect remember not only the world, heroes and their amazing stories, but also the gameplay. The brave martinet, drowning enemies in the plasma and is able to stand with a grin under heavy enemy fire; engineer who playfully breaks into enemy systems and relies on automated turrets to protect his own ass; or adept, able to tear their enemies to pieces with powerful biotic abilities – a player decides what to be Shepard.


Looking at the two of them, some fans are sure to cry.Looking at the two of them, some fans are sure to cry.

Universe save mirth in the team, so Shepard everywhere to carry a heterogeneous (in the literal sense) comrades, each of which had not only a set of unique abilities and skills, but had its own motivation and love to scratch the language with the main character on a variety of topics.

Toward the end of the game such garrulous warriors recruited enough to organize its own orchestra, and some could even indulge in amorous pleasures.

Love joy to many fans (for the author of these lines so precisely) did become the hallmark of the series – the characters are not obliged to save the universe 24/7, should be personal time to relax.

Calm nerves and to prepare the hero in a dangerous battle always come those team members with whom Shepard throughout the game trying to arrange a warm, more than friendly relations – led intimate conversations, supported by the Board and otherwise made it clear that they are not indifferent to him.

From the planets, clouds built up cities to tropical jungle.From the planets, clouds built up cities to tropical jungle.

But our brave captain not only sensualist, it is still a seasoned adventurer who traveled (flown by?) The entire length and breadth of the galaxy, not once.

The thirst for new knowledge and discoveries have repeatedly led the captain to the long-abandoned colonies, dangling in the void of space laboratories and autonomous complexes, of which the hero is often skedaddle on all cylinders, driven by laser pulses and their biotic explosions unfriendly inhabitants.

Remarkably, often in such scrapes gallant captain does not retract his curiosity, and loyal teammates, who for one reason or another were looking for a reason poterebit memories of his past or asked Shepard’s help them bury their skeletons in the closet.

While listening to their moans about the difficult past and to wipe them snot was not necessarily such additional tasks have always helped to get closer to the team and learn more about the universe of the game, as some jobs were directly linked to the enemies of Shepard and could help him get new allies.

The enemy of my enemy ....The enemy of my enemy ….

The war of galactic scale and combat training

Throughout the main trilogy of Commander Shepard constantly learn new techniques and tactics of warfare. It is understandable, because the level of threat to each installation in the series grew exponentially, to the scene to be displayed all the big crowds all the more dangerous enemies, and the rates were not the lives of several hundred colonists and pompous inhabitants of several planets.

If in the original Mass Effect clashes were some sluggish and proceeds as if an elderly retired couple who are over 70, playing twister, it is already the third part of all was much more dynamic and intense, and some confrontations with the enemy began to resemble a flea market in supermarket in the “Black Friday”, especially in co-op multiplayer (more on this later).

Enemies also become much more diverse. If the first part of the player mainly dealt with the light infantry, and occasionally with the burly, clad in a thick armor in Mass Effect 3, there was a real flying and walking colossus. Fight with different types of enemies have always proceeded on different scenarios: some prefer to keep their distance and water Shepard plasma due to safe shelter, others climbed on the rampage with shotguns at the ready, others were only a real fighting platform on strong legs, which can not boast only the impressive firepower, but also increased the comrades, causing them to behave more smoothly, efficiently, and at times even boldly.

Some villains were just weak-willed puppets.Some villains were just weak-willed puppets.

The third part in BioWare have decided to renew acquaintance with the game indefinitely, adding a cooperative mode where players team must constantly confront the amplified waves of different enemies, from soldiers to Cerberus and ending techno-organic grotesques Reapers. If you throw in the direction of the screwed commissioned by EA paid lottery with chests, the developers were able to make a really interesting cooperative, encouraging only teamwork, leaving bouncers and single roll in the dust with perforated head, with burning pain just below the tailbone.

The universe of the game

In BioWare managed to create a really great and interesting universe, full of mysteries and unsolved mysteries, and then populate its many quite dissimilar races, each of which occupies a niche in society. Someone prefers honestly earn their bread and butter barter or trade, others served in the officials and bureaucrats, and others are cattle and mercenaries. There is a more interesting person, who interrupted a random job of work, and in his spare time helping conspire or just idly stagger around until you stumble on Shepard.

Reapers have created a monster of his victims.  Inglorious end, it is worth noting.Reapers have created a monster of his victims. Inglorious end, it is worth noting.

But the quality of the different types do not end in the manner of behavior and character. Designers worked hard and over the appearance of representatives of the various planets. Someone came out growth and forced all the time to go in a vacuum suit that familiar to a lot of pressure not to break it carcass to shreds, like other hybrids bony giant rats and reptiles. Appearance is often transmits and nature: so burly krogan like to be rude and boast, but on the battlefield, they are indispensable; asari characterized his murderous beauty and powerful biotic abilities.

What is the result?

Mass Effect Trilogy was able to make his mark in the industry. Her unlikely to forget anytime soon, if at all will be forgotten. Andromeda was only a matter of time, because many did not want to say goodbye to their favorite characters already, but given on a note over Mass Effect 3 , BioWare has had to do on the sly, and make a completely new story with new characters and even a new galaxy.