Anno 1800

Gamescom can also be a theater of new discoveries, perhaps less reveling in terms of audience impact, but still intriguing and captivating. The managerial series Year enjoys a great love from his audience. Over the years, it has been able to propose a different setting in terms of ages.
From the present, to the past, to the future; in this way it has satisfied more or less everyone, while at the same time trying to span from the historical point of view, but also to improve in terms of gameplay.
Invited by Ubisoft, we witnessed the introduction of the new chapter of the brand, Anno 1800, which in addition to catapulting us into the nineteenth century, was born with the intention of embodying the best possible version of the game, including structural improvements, juicy additions and historical elements. The enthusiasm of Blue Byte’s kids was undoubtedly engaging, and we were pleasantly impressed with what we saw.
Industrial Revolution
If we were to talk about the right decisions, then that of Blue Byte would fall into the category. After exploring all the lines of the time line of history, Anno has re-launched in the past, proposing an environment that applied to a management game is simply perfect.
The industrial revolution marks the flourishing of many sectors, which increase the wealth of the people and the investment capability. Cities grow bigger, politics gain an increasingly important social role and trade flourishes into a continuous exchange of commodities between countries far away and now united by a common interest. Building our city will be therefore more fun and challenging, thanks to the work of a team of development team who, having accumulated years of experience with his title,Year 1800 .
Hence, it will be a pleasure to observe your creation grow and develop; the evolutionary process will, however, be made more difficult by the improved structure of the single player component, enriched by an AI that reacts credibly and consistently, embodying some personalities that will interact with us throughout history.
The community has and will play a key role in the development of Year 1800: Many features of the game have been created in collaboration with some navigated players and subsequent updates will always be studied based on the active fanbase voice. A striking example may be the multiplayer, consisting of a gaming world that will change in the face of player decisions; mutations that may occur – for example – by the diplomatic or military aspect of the computer.
To understand the action / reaction aspect well, we’ll tell you what we saw during the presentation. The zoo is enriched with some exotic animals, and many people start to admire them. This modification of the citizen’s status quo provokes a proletarian revolt, which, if not dealt with in time, will burst into oil stain.
 A politician in the city appears to be scoffing and to foment even more the infernal working class. The protest extends to the bourgeois class, and then comes out in a public uprising. In short, credible and multifaceted behaviors, which will oblige us to pay close attention to every single decision, to the detriment of our beloved creation.