Dragona Online

At first sight

Modern online games market resembles an Oriental bazaar: sunsya everywhere – everywhere will be heard cries of unique, premium quality and even a revolutionary product that is actually often a pacifier. As a result, to see something really worthy is oh, so easy.

But there are games that do catch the eye and Dragona Online- just one of them. This game is unusual for high-quality projects based on F2P schedule. Often developers justify graphic misery that is specially made undemanding to iron game – say, that it could run the majority of users.

This is partly true, because if you only count on a few gamers with hi-end-machines and a wide Internet channel, you can easily burn and then certainly to trade on the market. But the creators of Dragona found an elegant way out of the stalemate, it would seem, the situation and have added to the game is very flexible graphics system configuration: some conjured over sliders detail images can be reduced considerably – to about the level that is preferred by professional players in Quake 3. Or, on the contrary, closer to the AAA class by removing all the maximum. Bravo, Liveplex!
Another plus – for the design: it is clear that the artists worked with the soul and taste. Particularly successful in landscapes and mobs. This is one of those rare games of Korean production, where the monsters do not look ridiculous. The game combines a whole fantasy setting and stylistic elements of sci-fi – cocktail turns out amusing. On the one hand you see familiar to psevdosrednevekovya pastorals with untouched nature, castles and dungeons, and on the other – you use futuristic kind of small arms and move around the countryside on a motorcycle antigravity.

instantly turn around

However, the main feature Dragona Online is more related to magic than to technology. It is about transformation – the ability to partially or completely converted into something between a man and a dragon (in fact the result of transformation is more like a cyborg).

Early in the game you must choose which part of the body you will be able to transform at first: head, top, bottom or arms. Each method has its advantages: for example, transformation of the legs as the buff will add character to the speed of glasses, hand – will increase in attack and so on. As you progress through the story you will open a new part of the body to transform, until the twentieth level, this ability will not be disclosed in full. And then the fun begins: the complete transformation of radically changing the face of the hero and gives him a whole set of new, not available in the normal state of skills – active and passive.

Dragona Online

However, in a state of Berserker permanently fail, because every second counts in a transformed form of energy takes the character of the nucleus, for which a special scale provided on the interface panel. Can make up for it by either cutting out the mobs, which in addition to a wet spot left by a charge of the very cores, or completing quests. They then made a special emphasis: the lion’s share of leveling is done by performing tasks, and it does not mean that you have to rush headlong from one NPC to another, because there is a mobile Dragona Online quest system. This piece allows you to receive and submit tasks remotely, which, coupled with avtoranom AutoTracker and cool makes life easier for the player.

Besides, nuclear scale is automatically populated each time you reach a new level. Those who are too lazy to make an effort, can buy the appropriate charging bottle – just look more careful with this, do not sit down at the potion. In battle, the transformation of the energy burn faster, so spend it on trifles not worth it – better to reserve for a really cool Zaruba in any instance. Believe me, only two minutes in the “modified” state can reverse the course of even the most hopeless battle with the boss.

Cool reading

Specific types of bonuses, as well as design reincarnated character, attached to the base classes and professions. Classes in the game a total of 8 – 2 for each of the four races. It is interesting that in addition to the race classes vary according to gender. So, people have men become arrows, and women – snipers. Men race potassium (local counterparts dark elves) are the guardians of women – the Assassins. We Eldin people (high elves) that no man, the ranger, and the fair sex – wizards entirely. Finally, bestial Katcha reached almost to the floor of the war: the traditionalists – men choose career shaman, and women are more open and inquisitive, go to the scouts.