Dirt 4

Become a professional racer can now everyone! A lot of fans heart-pounding and super-race cars – is not the main advantage of the game «Dirt 4″. Trails three continents full of challenging obstacles and unpredictable hazards. Race promises to be incendiary. Let’s start the review game rally racing Dirt 4.

Storyline and game object

The main task of the rider – to overcome the special stages in the minimum time. The vehicle must remain intact. mission execution complicates the lack of flashbacks. It should be done only one careless movement of the wheel, and the car will be turned upside down in a ditch running. Rewind time back and go through the problem area repeatedly fail.

Race car needs constant attention and total concentration of its rider. Good fuel, the new sports tire is ideally designed body – and a sports car without equal. By the way, the manner of driving directly affects the wear of parts.

Updated incredibly realistic simulation. Now to get to the finish line on the broken car “three wheels” will not work. Any failure will be subject to a fine, and repairs will take some time. Players worth considering this point, to learn to carefully shift gears smoothly slow down on the turns and avoid collisions.

Dirt 4 – harkordnoe rally for experienced riders. Beginners should postpone the serious competitions. Inexperienced drivers developers offer to study at the Academy of Dirt and hone their skills to steer, brake and not only.

Chips gameplay

Players can create their own tracks. a huge variety of racing cars are represented in the simulator. The level and power of sports cars will increase with each stage of the game. Early career will be quite easy. To participate in the rally drivers will be offered “ride” is quite an easy to manage front-wheel “midget.”

At his peak, the player will have to try to hold in their hands the V-12 monster growling. However, in any difficult situation you can use the help system to manage.


Driving a car – not a single player mission. The driver can test yourself in the role of team manager. Now he alone will have to buy new parts on the car, look for sponsors team and pick up the mechanics in the garage. In addition, we must not forget about public relations – media must not leave drivers in the shade. In this review of rally racing game Dirt 4 over. Good luck!