Card Hunter

Hunter Card – a thing purely postmodern. Do you play the way you play: the protagonist of the story line – it is not a party of adventurers, we clean the cave, and began to “game master” Gary. He invited friends (in your face) to his home, unpacked the boxes with a bunch of modules, invented storylines and now studies “to drive.”

The game itself has a DnD nothing, but anyone who has ever tried to join the topic will be if you do not laugh, then at least smile. Gary has an older brother, who sometimes contemptuously comes into the room to drop the accusation like “Your party is too easy! Pull yourself together! “. In addition, there is almost a romantic communication line with dostavschitsey pizza in front of which the poor man always tries to portray himself as either a historian, or a botanist.

Conversations occur in small dies in the top of the screen, and the replica is just as precise and apt, as incomprehensible to man from the outside: “This is the party two years in length should end because of the unfortunate edinichki ?!”, “This is not a Morgenstern, because here no chains! “The two brothers, the two ideologies are constantly arguing about the” rails “and the freedom of the will, of the importance of wagering and categorical need to eat pizza during the game.

It adds color and environment: the action takes place on the table, strewn with chips and mermaids. Ready for any adventure, you can read a description of the box. Around the playing field are always extra bones. A global map (who would have thought!) – this is truly a global map spread on the table, where all of your past adventures marked.

On the other hand, I do not presume to say how interesting and witty all this may seem to the person who is not familiar with the subject. However, you can always ignore the dialogue and read only description of modules – they registered the most pathetic, and each flaunts its own storyline. And you can not read anything at all and to plunge into the gameplay, which is thriving “manchkinstvo” and triumphs tactics.

Card Hunter game review

Sometimes you are pleased that the game is not Russian localization. Medvedoakul?

As it “can not be a dwarf-archangel-necromancer half-dragon”? 

Explain all the complexity of local regulations in a couple of paragraphs – it is difficult, but the game is already understood – is extremely easy. Try to apply the mechanics of any card game in a positional tactics.

In the center or in the middle of the field, divided into cells, there is your party, force composed of warrior, mage and healer. All fields are carefully rendered (still, Gary buys them a lot of money!) And encouraging the original architecture.

Here, for example, a dining room, where a feast out of the city all the way and the characters always “stuck” at the obstacles. And in another module is already narrow shaft where the enemies of the rod on three sides, but easily blocked only successfully put character.

It’s time to remind you that the game seems almost endless – the number of points on the map is huge. Not every location is encouraged originality, but each – a new tactical challenge. Add variety to the levels victorious areas – squares, you need to hold a certain number of moves. This can result in an elevator defense and in pursuit of the guards who want to declare the alarm.

But the most interesting part of the mechanics lies directly in combat. Each character on the table – is a player with a private deck. On the global map, go to the store, you buy a knight is not just a hat, but a few cards that she gives. The higher the level of the subject, the more interesting cards, he adds, and the older the player, the more things it can fasten themselves.

In this sense, the game is very easy to learn, first you have only a couple of slots with the most primitive things, and the deck consists of “go” and “strike”. But more and more interesting and the player is always kept in suspense and curiosity. As new types of maps and their varieties in particular.

Let us return to the battlefield. Each of your character – a thirty cards, of which at the beginning of the course gets six. Already dozens of reefs lies here.

You need to pick up all the stuff, so that on the taste balance movement and attack, because the chance is great that in the most important move falls exclusively “Run”, “walking”, and “armor”, but not a powerful blow. I, for example, after the next update of the wardrobe was constantly losing, because it became interested in “pumping” of the priest and took almost all healing action.