Pillars of Eternity: The White March

Recall … and forget! 

Already at the beginning of the hero has a nightmare in which he hears “steps Commander” – this rumbling, approaching something terrible, threatening to destroy not only Dirtvud (in the first of the add-finals we have restored the famous Gnome White Forge), but his own. After some time it turns out that the goddess Ondra has sent his army of minions (a very huge and terrible eyeless) to eliminate unwanted memories for her, and with them the whole Dirtvud.

Writers are led to the logical conclusion of the two themes that permeate the entire history of Pillars of Eternity– theomachism and memory. After the game, our hero (or heroine) trying to remember who he is, and passes through itself, going through other people’s memories. Therefore, what is happening to him in The White March – Part 2 – not just another story about saving the world, but something more.

In conversations with the same Ondra raised serious topics. Whether it is necessary to forget the past? Is it possible, destroying memories, forgetting about something, get rid of the pain, the guilt or responsibility? Or is better to keep it all in order not to repeat the mistakes of others or their own? And even the new companion that can join our party, barbarian hamois Maneha, tormented by memories and want to forget them.

Election day

dialogue in Part 2 a lot of. And in key situations, there is an option to avoid a fight, swing and settle the matter peacefully. Even in the final, if desired, and the availability of appropriate skills, you can come to a compromise with the eyeless.

But in some situations, a compromise will not work: what would you do – drowned scores of people and released them into the wild, receiving in return a very powerful enemies? And in the end you have to take some important decisions that affect the lives of certain satellites.

Side quests this time, at least – the authors obviously did not want to spread the story, focusing (and focusing us) on the main. But in half of optional tasks have to make tough choices – to get involved in a fight or agree to release or kill …

Pillars of Eternity: The White March — Part 2 обзор игры

Although they are Eyeless, but hit very accurately and very painfully.

In addition, we have to protect the rights of the fortress Qaeda Nua, you’ve been holili, nurtured and rebuilt before. The process will have to enlist the support of allies, develop its army and make decisions that affect the course of a grand battle.

Game to the next level

In addition to the new history of The White March – Part 2 brings several important revisions in the gameplay. First, almost all the classes got new abilities – Druids, for example, can now lift enemies into the air by a tornado, “Cypher” learned to use the phantom blades and all kinds of wizards were given the ability to “Master Spell”, which simplifies the use of the “spell” low level. In addition, the “Athletics” and “survival” more useful.

Second, the authors improved the combat interface – it has become more convenient and informative, there was a “hot key” under the corporate class skill.

Finally, during a halt now that just like in the Darkest of Dungeon , you can choose a bonus that will get the character after the rest (damage reduction, improved treatments, and so on). And, of course, increased the maximum level – from the fourteenth to the sixteenth. Due to this the wizards, druids and priests can now use the most powerful spells.

In spite of that, to survive in The White March – Part 2 hard: there are many competitors, the battle which (if it does not settle the matter peacefully) can take a long time. For those who prefer a longer fight, and follow the story appeared superlogky difficulty level, which is called – “Only a story.”