The Wolf Among Us 2 is created from scratch on Unreal Engine 4 – review

Many creators of the original participate in its development, including directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart, as well as screenwriter Pierce Chorett. In addition to their roles, all the main actors will return.

what surprisingly, the main part of the production of the project takes place not inside the revived Telltale, but in the studio Adhoc, which was founded in February by the natives of the company – just those creators of the first season, which we talked about above.
At the same time, they all left the perished Telltale even before the official announcement of the sequel to The Wolf Among Us in 2017, and the team creates a new version of the continuation from scratch, without using past achievements. how reported earlier Eurogamer, the initial budget of the game was barely enough even for three episodes.

The current Telltale owners gave developers complete creative freedom to create The Wolf Among Us 2, including giving the opportunity to change the engine – the game is created on Unreal engine 4, and not on the obsolete technology of the company itself.

The project will be released on consoles and PCs, where it will be a temporary Exic Games Store exclusive. not earlier than 2023.