Hardware: Rivals

Again tanks ?! 

There are two driver’s seat. One – in YURKOM buggy with a weak defense, the second – in an armored tank, slow and powerful. Having defined the choice players are in the arena, where in the next five minutes, they will chase the enemy team, capture control points or just shoot at everything that moves.

Rivals are not too be original with the modes: its base – is the usual “Deathmatch” with all the ensuing variations. Drivers are more or less equal to the conditions, and win only one who is more agile eliminates others.

Killing is easy. Gun tank gun or a buggy – a secondary weapon; it is very weak beats, long recharge and in general “hanging” on uncomfortable button gamepad (you have to re-learn to keep the special controller to simultaneously step on the gas on the fire intermittently and R2 on R1). It’s just good to finish off opponents. The basic means of attack – arsenal, scattered around the level.

Picking up another bonus, you provide yourself a shot, sometimes – two, maximum – three. Will take something new – and lose what has already been had. Therefore, most of the time are all playing catch-up: those who are not armed, run from those who have already managed.

We have to not just run away and rush in a panic: almost everything in the game firing away and is equipped with avtopritsel. Once the projectile is released, the “tagged” starts screaming siren. “Respawn” can be avoided only if the crank any maneuver and hide from rockets (usually does not work). Killer at the same time can sit in the bushes on the other side of the card.

Cars go fast, there are a lot of bonuses, but wins the most cunning, and not the most skillful. There is no tactical depth – this is a very simple game, and there is no need weeks to hone skills. Do not need no mind, no reaction still avtopritselivanie fixed a few seconds and almost not cleared.

And the bonuses are in the same places, so that you remember a couple of major routes quickly. In fact, the task of each player – zip through location, fighting everything that comes his way, and hide behind the extreme barn. Palnut there a couple of times something powerful and again racing diagonally across the roof of a hangar.

Physics, of course, an arcade – confronted, machinery scatter in different directions, like tennis balls. Therefore, in search of the coveted “railgun” prepare constantly climbing the pyramid, to maneuver on narrow lanes and zigzag between the military barracks.

Hardware: Rivals Game Review

A simple schedule manages to be cute.

If you’re lucky – you get to the superweapon appearing every few minutes. The timer will start counting, and after thirty seconds, all who did not escape, will be frozen, burned, blown up by bombs or something worse. Very cushy way to collect “kills.”

Your content with us, for the redemption you will receive it in pieces

Between rounds the players return to the standard menu of “pumping”. Of course, your profile there is a general level: the experience of opening the microscopic improvement – you can go a little faster or unfold a little longer to keep sight of the victim or a little more of her capture.

In general, nothing really fundamental and tangible. User level 25 is more dangerous because it is better to play, not because of the collected “upgrades”. Is provided and an external “customization” – you can change clothes pilots in different colors and hang on SUVs pink camouflage mesh. Options ridiculously small:. “Funny” and “realistic”

Technology, by the way, the same number of copies. In fact, the game only two vehicles: tank and machine. The gameplay for each varies considerably, because the tank may well shoot the enemy from a secondary weapon, and a buggy with a machine gun is better not to even try. And mobility can not be compared. But this is still shamefully low.