Two Worlds 2: Call of the Tenebrae

What is of Two Worlds II of , you can learn from our review . W

ell, in short, it is quite typical European RPG, which at one time was considered one of the most notable in a genre – with its pluses and minuses, but overall entertaining enough, with a relatively open world, branched story, the mass of quests, opportunities and jogs on horseback.

And the problems in the balance – which, unfortunately, only worsened in the new addition.

Start the passage of Call of the Tenebrae allow the new character or import from a previously saved – if they are, of course, you still have. In any case, you will immediately be given a sufficient number of points of characteristics and skills that you have scattered them, and “pumped” about the hero level 60 – is designed to complement the high-level content.

We also handed a lot of weapons and armor, materials and ingredients for the “craft” and alchemy. “Well, then, are preparing for a serious test,” – I thought, and prepared … eventually I passed the whole story, dying only once, and it is likely due to an oversight.

The game, despite the promises, did not challenge you. And even the “bosses”, including the final, where once you need to use a trick, pass the first time.

Especially lucky for those who chose a mage or archer class – they shoot many enemies at a distance, and they are mostly die, and before reaching the hated you. In addition, opponents often get stuck in objects or environments avail storm any obstacle, as long as you shoot them.

Accordingly, the ashes go and ‘kraft’, and Alchemy with all its new recipes, and “pumping” equipment, and collection equipment, and hacking chests scattered everywhere. A special need for this – know shoot, running back so drink the potion in time. The benefit of life-giving bottles and money for them there is always an excess (and coins, except this, and spending is not on that).

Two Worlds II - Call of the Tenebrae Game Review

Final fight – it is not difficult and not very!


Greetings from the past!

However, initially the game is able to intrigue. When we arrive at the new lands in search of busty and familiar to fans of Two Worlds II girls Dar Pha, or killed, or wounded and thrown into prison by some krysolyudmi, give us freedom. You can freely explore the environment to communicate with the residents of a large settlement Dorchad and perform side quests.

In addition to the banal “kill wolves”, “protect us from wild bees,” “Catch twelve butterflies” and there is a full-fledged multi-stage investigation into the murder of local dancers, and even cheerful support home drunk magician.

Generally, in the village or neighborhood – serious and funny, tragedy and comedy. It hosts a traditional festival, singing musicians, vegetable gardens roam chicken taller than a man, but the mayor of the settlement – outspoken racist who blamed all the troubles of strangers and “migrants”, camped nearby. After some time, this camp is burned, and people cut their polls.

It is understood that since the developers wanted to give the game a more modern taste, touch topical theme of tolerance. The only pity is that this is probably the only real sign of “modernity” in the Call of the Tenebrae.

Graphics changed little compared to the original, except that the “soap” became more. Animation all the same clumsy – even a challenge to jump over a low obstacle can become a separate quest. The interface and tools – overloaded and not very comfortable.

Well, the story about the next forbidden experiments that led to unpleasant consequences (and to the creation of the very race krysolyudey), expected falls in the tedious and monotonous races through the corridors of mazes, dungeons and gloomy land cultists from shooting anything that moves – a very “modern” ,

Yes. And all this is accompanied by a pretentious, but feeble posed by today’s standards rollers periodically disappears and the sound is not fully voiced dialogue.

Two Worlds II - Call of the Tenebrae Game Review