Sims in the city … again!

With the release of the last expansion pack of The Sims 4 , Life in the city, the developers confirm once again the desire to propose less canonical content compared to the classics seen in the expansions of the previous chapters , such as those dedicated to holidays or pets, and more and more parallel to everyday life … in pure Sims style, of course! We tried the new expansion and, after a few hours of play, we are ready to express our opinion on this awaited content.

Let’s see what’s new in Life in the City, the latest expansion of The Sims 4


We will never get tired of saying it but the more we go on the more we realize that the expansions of The Sims 4 draw heavily from previous chapters for consoles, going to improve already seen mechanics but at the time still in an embryonic state.


The title of Life in the city speaks for itself and introduces apartments and neighborhoods with different entities; 


It is not the first time we see our “Sims in the City” and Life in the City is clearly an evolution of what we saw in The Urbz, much more credible, rich and detailed. Within the new scenario of San Myshuno we will find four different neighborhoods: the upper districts, the fashion and arts districts and the spice market, where each one has its own specific identity and hosts several festivals respectively.

Sims in the city ... again!

The festivals are new social events that take place in the squares of the districts where our Sims can participate, interacting with friends and completing unpublished actions depending on the festival: at the flea market you can buy items that can not be found while at an event like the Smanet Show you can challenge other friends in hacking challenges.


An idea also here taken from the Urbs, where each neighborhood had its own identity, social interactions and different jobs … like breeding ferrets on the roofs of the Solarium!


But we talk about a console game old enough and disadvantaged by the limitations of the time: the feeling was not to live in the same city but to visit many small neighborhoods detached from the context while San Myshuno is a vibrant and cosmopolitan locality, where its inhabitants interact with each other and visit the various places according to taste and the moment.


The festivals therefore constitute a moment in which it is possible to see the unique flow of the city and perceive its activity … you can almost smell it! Because there is no element that makes a place more unique and recognizable if not its street food: in the neighborhoods of San Myshuno you can stop and enjoy delicious delicacies at kiosks and food tracks for a total of 27 new dishes.


The trait of the “vegetarian” personality has been introduced, but do not worry because the menus offer a wide choice of dishes both with meat and completely veg … careful, however, not to let your Sim or vegetarian eat meat. this will feel bad and will become sad.