One in space

Learn the basics of movement in the suit that, I must say, it is not so easy as it seems, we are immediately thrown into space.Unceremoniously, artificial intelligence station reports that Alex Oshima, the protagonist of the game – the only survivor in the crash, and makes it clear that everything is very, very bad.

Our suit is damaged when you are away from the station and without support systems, from it constantly follows the oxygen, which is also spent on the move. Because of this, all your movements are beginning to look like a short dashes from one box to the cylinders to the other, so the game helps not to get lost, and it is here to do very easily, the size of the station is huge and, in theory, you can at any moment to fly up to each of sections of the station and find the entrance, making the whole volume and colossal destruction begin to mentally push.

You are the one in front of you a beautiful view of the Earth around the deserted, damaged AI is trying to send you home, where, in the meantime, the command desperately figuring out what happened, but you can not answer them, the communication module is also out of order, and you forced to listen to a rare reports urging survivors to respond.

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The atmosphere is really set up perfectly: it presses, makes us constantly look around, and the cleanliness of the station itself creates a sense of alienation, you is not the place, here everything is subject to a vacuum.

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lovely space

The aim of the game is very simple – to get out of the station for which you have to fix four main modules: life support, communications, power and movement.

To achieve this, you will have to explore a ruined section of the station turn in search of the necessary components. And believe me, each of the blocks will be again and again striking in their appearance.

To design and graphics in Adr1ft can not submit any claims. That’s how I imagine the collapse of the station on such a scale: thousands of small fragments, sparking cables, flashing lights, strange gnashing of banging and knocking failure AI, trying to save the last surviving, in general, all the attributes at the crash site.

Bravo! The feeling of being alone in space game conveys well worse than “Gravity.”

It would seem that the atmosphere created, the game describes itself as “a narrative experience” rather than a “game”, which means its proximity to Firewatch , Gone Home , of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter of and other similar projects, but here’s the problem starts.

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too empty

In Adr1ft has one big disadvantage, which negates all the efforts of the visual and sound design, it is too long and empty. And I do not want to say that 4 hours – it is too long for the game, no, that’s too long for this particular game because it is incredibly monotonous.

As I have said, to be saved, we need to fix the 4 blocks, and as you might guess, this is done in exactly the same way: you go to the far end of the area, take “piece” bear “thing” back, insert “piece” to another “Unit”, repeated three more times.

In place of “things” could be anything, and it would be better than the monotony of the game which suffers so much.

In the fourth approach, I was ready to go in search of a teddy bear, only to again see the same animation, not to listen to the same annoying music, which for the first time has made the effect of its distortion, but for the fourth time only enraged.

Not to mention the fact that it could seize, and instead of 10 seconds she played over and over again for an hour.

The only thing that makes you move – it’s a personal curiosity, you wonder what really happened, what could cause such damage to a huge station, and even then the game is not satisfied.

According to the statistics, I have collected most of everything that can be collected, but never received a clear answer to the question of what happened here, only hints and indications of the perpetrator, who became more and more straight every time.

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You are bad

Ironically, rather than to make a game about loneliness in space, Three One Zero released a simulator of guilt. The closer to the finale, the more you will be forced to poke nose in it.

At first, you hinted at it messages left by other astronauts, then this talk in the news that there are some kind of collectible items, then you will include a record of how your best friend (girl?)

Asks the command to shift you, because you have called threat to the whole mission.

The only one who does not make you feel guilty – it is the staff command center on Earth. The organizers of the mission first and foremost concerned about the recovery of valuable data that can be lost along with the station, and you – the only way to implement it, that becomes the last ray of hope that motivates to move on.

A voice from the earth, which are beginning to be happy every time he breaks the silent quiet cold of space, suggests that it should be done, how best to act in a given situation, and reminds you they are very much needed, and it’s the little that Adr1ft It went well.

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Restoring all 4 modules, the game gives you the opportunity to gather the remaining records before completing the story.

The suit is fully improved, you can travel from one end station to another on a single supply of oxygen, almost no damage taken from collisions and here, of course, is the weak space magic that makes you stay here, which throws into the pot when you last oxygen drops drifted to the next box with balloons, disappears.

Once again travel the same blocks where even the door you open will be closed again and used cylinders – restored, there is no desire.

As if to spit game to the player – it is a script, it works for him, and resets the state as soon as a player leaves the zone. The story of the restoration of each of the units could be called “Astronaut,

After completing all the tasks, I just got into a shuttle and flew to the earth in the hope that I will tell anything, for what would be worth three o’clock to repeat the same action. But no, even here we are again, and the most tough, dipped his head in shame and remorse.

You – poor, you killed your team and destroy humanity hopes for a stable source of supply and oxygen to the open space, you – all framed.

If the creators Adr1ft wanted to awaken in people a sense of guilt, bravo – they got it, but because the game could be something much more than a bad simulator captain shattered the station, but it turned out it was them, that only upsets.

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Maybe I’ll come back again to her, I will gather all the data, find all the hidden letters, maybe it will raise the veil of mystery, but I do it only because the game about space such beauty is not there. But, alas, if you do a “narrative experience”, the need to transfer the experience thereby narrative, which here consists of two words: “you – bad”, and this is so-so narrative.

Summing up, I want to note that I have not tried the game in the VR, maybe that’s a virtual reality helmet fill the emptiness that so spoil Adr1ft, but whether VR-long project of 4-5 hours, the mechanics of which need only interested in until how you handle them finally get comfortable? I doubt very much. Meanwhile, a conventional monitor problems become even more obvious, trite game is empty, and this emptiness can not compensate for any graphics or design, or the fact that similar projects yet.