BLACK THE FALL – distinctive indie clone or Inside?

Releases major platformer can be on one hand the last couple of years to count, so that fans of the genre have to either settle for reprints of classics, or play projects proud from small studios. One of them belongs and Black the Fall .

Before the story of the game should explain how she landfills grow. The thing is that the genre 2,5D-platformer for several years occupied by products from PlayDead and their imitators. Studio creates a dark and oppressive history, feeding them in a package of logical platformer – on Limbo or Inside even in the era of online games have heard many flourishing.

Competitors PlayDead due to current fashion trends are not so much. With the familiar can remember last year Unravel the , but there the authors tried to make the most of the “bottom” of the age rating game, decorate the setting in all colors of the rainbow. The Fall Black – game is a completely different kind. Its authors are served in what is happening as similar as possible PlayDead gloomy style. Welcome to the dark past of the socialist comrades.

BLACK THE FALL - distinctive indie clone or Inside?BLACK THE FALL – distinctive indie clone or Inside?

World Black the Fall reminiscent of “The Matrix” in which people without people manage other people and make them endlessly pedaling a bicycle, and literally. Obviously, for the common bright future. Sometimes the picture flashed scenery totalitarian nightmare: glowing red stars, leaders pictures …

There are class differences – some people is built in, not noticing anything bad to work for the common good. Another, on the contrary, tends to go into the shadows. Sometimes management arranges sessions of collective brainwashing and herding people into makeshift rooms for demonstration propaganda.

In such an environment will spend a few hours, and sooner or later you start to reflect not only on the setting, but also on its content – and here the authors have questions.

In Limbo and Inside I felt synergy: game mechanics worked on the creation of a specific picture, and skewed towards riddles or purely platform sections almost never happened. In Black the Fall situation is the opposite. The entire project can be divided into two parts: one, we solve the puzzle in the other – running, jumping and enjoying life. Well, as is possible under a dictatorship, of course.

BLACK THE FALL - distinctive indie clone or Inside?BLACK THE FALL – distinctive indie clone or Inside?

The trouble is that both sides can not be called outstanding mechanics at all desire. Platformernaya of the ordinary and devoid of at least some uniqueness. Only occasionally it is going on here that something interesting: for example, it is necessary to calculate the trajectory of the shadow of its platform.

The logical component is reduced to the interaction with the environment using a special glove – the so-called physical puzzles. With its help, you can press a button, and manage prozombirovannymi bots, but … call it something revolutionary new language does not turn. All this we have seen in many other puzzles, and long before the foundation of the very PlayDead.

Black the Fall was created with the proceeds from the platform kraudfandingovoy a Kickstarter , which means that gamers to some extent, are responsible for this, in general, it is playable, but pretty empty platformer. Of course, there are people who will be able to enjoy the local vsetlenovoy atmosphere, but there is almost nothing except enjoy it.

BLACK THE FALL - distinctive indie clone or Inside?BLACK THE FALL – distinctive indie clone or Inside?

As a result, accurately advise Black the Fall can be only two categories of gamers: those who are very fond of gloomy Soviet industrialism, and a big fan of not much zamorochennyh mysteries. Everything else – at your own risk.

Despite the obvious drawbacks, we rejoice in the wording of each game, though slightly different from the depth of the current trends. Have you any opinion on such projects?