I am Setsunav

Wintertime Sadness

inhabitants of the world I am Setsuna suffer regular attacks from monsters. According to ancient custom, to somehow reduce their aggression, a pilgrimage should go girl, ready to sacrifice themselves to save others. Monsters at the time of calm, but then the procedure must be repeated again and again.

As you might guess, the next “uspokoitelnitsey” monsters become sorceress Setsuna (Setsuna), whose name is rendered in the name of the game. Together with the silent mercenary named Endirey (Endir) and hunter Aeternoy (Aeterna), she embarks on a journey to a place of ritual sacrifice.

As usual, the heroes journey turned out to be a longer than originally planned, well on the way pilgrims, too, in the best traditions of the genre, meet the other warriors and magicians who wish to join their company.

If you are familiar with Final Fantasy X, It is the beginning of the story will seem very familiar. Further – more, a little later you will meet laconic and experienced party members, armed with a huge sword.

Nidra (Nidr) wearing traditional Japanese clothing has a problem with one eye, and also participated in the previous pilgrimages. In general, when you look at him and I want to cry, “Auron, is that you ?!”

Endirey least like Tidus on a carefree, but in his image flashed mercenary Ryudou features of Grandia II of .

That, incidentally, is also accompanied by a dedicated girl in her ritual travels around the world. Setsuna and she recalls Helen, and from Yuen of Final Fantasy the X , especially a willingness to accept their fate and that kindness and love, the heroine of which looks at the world.

Despite all the friendliness and openness of the heroine, her name still goes back to the Japanese word “sorrow” that echoes the main theme I of am Setsuna .

Although there still has comic and frivolous inserts story from the beginning sets the tone for the tragic journey. It supports sad mood and the soundtrack, composed exclusively of minor piano songs. By the way, one of the main musical themes of the game utterly reminiscent of To Zanarkand all the same of Final Fantasy the X .

I am Setsuna game review

Making his way through the blizzard heroes foot sink into the snow and reserve trodden the furrow.

Sad atmosphere I am Setsuna creates and its decoration. All the action takes place in the land of eternal winter, cold permeated virtually every location, and even download icon rendered in the form of a snowflake.

You could say that I of Setsuna am – this is Skyrim from JRPG world. But if the latter were not only snow-covered edge, the game of the Tokyo RPG Factory of other places you will not find.

White Plains replace the ice caves. Forgotten ruins are not far behind in the fashion of cool colors: gray and green – this is their main palette. Similar to each other towns and villages, some of which are abandoned, not much added to the world of warm colors.

Battles take place step by step, and during the course of the hero can perform one of the following: to attack, use an item or a special technique. Each character has its own set of skills, and it depends on the presence of special magical stones called Spritnite.

To get hold of these stones, the characters are taught skills such as active, which can be used directly in battle as well as a passive device which is activated automatically. And in the category of combat skills and includes spells for mages, and warriors for power moves.

If two heroes know the right skills, they can perform a joint attack. For example, Shock Endirey and Provoke Nidra together provide a powerful Blowbeat, which can paralyze enemies.

I am Setsuna game review

Sometimes kombopriomy obtained so devastating that rare monsters manage to survive them.

Such mechanics was already in the Cruise Chrono the Trigger , but the most interesting innovations worth noting Momentum Mode. Its essence is to add additional effects to the attacks. To this end, during the battle to accumulate special glasses, and then, just like in of Final Fantasy VIII of , at the right moment to press the button during the impact.

But if in the “Final Fantasy” is a trick much as you want can be turned only Squall and Seifer, then I am Setsuna he is subservient to all the heroes and strictly limited – first accumulate, then apply. With Momentum Mode associated random appearance Singularity, which also gives its positive effects in combat.