storyline Eggsodus says that once the whole planet Earth was plunged into the chaos of war and anarchy reigned in every corner of it. The authorities could not impose order, but over time the position was saved from United State of All Nations, through the efforts of which the world economy has begun to recover.

However long it did not last – around the world ran the wave of terrorist attacks. Terrorists are not only taken prisoner and killed people, but also to apply them against biological and chemical weapons.

To cope with the new threat became impossible – the army did not have enough to destroy the entire planet is shrouded in a network of terrorist organizations. As the inhabitants of the countries began to panic, it took to send to fight the enemies of a completely different structure. And that’s it, and the players run in a turn-based tactical strategy Eggsodus .

Eggsodus game review

To find out whether the enemy killed, you can immediately when the camera behind the fighter.

Step by step

begins with the passage of light training mission. Manage allow detachment, consisting of only four fighters, but later allowed to take on the job of six. Image of each character are located at the bottom of the screen, where it is always possible to choose the right person and to give him the order quickly.

The main task – to clean up the location of terrorists, although sometimes it is necessary, for example, simultaneously defuse the bomb. Periodically, it is possible to save the hostages – this is not required, but you can earn some extra money and experience.

Since the game is a tactical, every fighter unit has several points of action that can be spent on moving and shooting. For exact hit to the enemy, it is desirable not only to be close to him, but also to click “Sit down,” as the hero standing more often misses.

After the specified actions performed soldiers player moves make enemies, and in some situations our soldiers can respond and open fire on a moving target.

It will happen in that case, if the hero were action points after the last turn. The path that you can walk, marked with yellow and red points.

Reaching the red fighter will stop and will not move on until the player does not make him do it. If you stop at this moment any actions your character will be able to shoot at the enemy automatically. If we spend glasses completely, including passing the red dots, hope it will not have to.

To rescue the hostages to them you just need to go, and they go to a safe place as soon as possible. Defuse bombs as capable only sappers, some images which have a special icon. The process is simple – the selected fighter coming to the bomb, and the user clicks the button.

The game constantly reminds before the mission that you should bring at least one sapper, so forget about it will not work. But if the specialist will die suddenly, the job will not be completed. The bomb, incidentally, eventually explodes – endlessly to pass the mission is not given, limited number of moves.


If desired, the number of available field engineers can be increased by sending soldiers to train in the barracks. Those located on the base, where it controls all military operations. Getting on base, the player gets access to its four control rooms, including the barracks mentioned above, as well as weapons, department and intelligence missions.

Eggsodus game review

Tarry not worth it – after some time hidden bomb explodes on the map.

Intelligence, as you might guess, is looking for terrorist organizations worldwide. To expedite this process, you can hire additional agents, although in this case, to pay for their work will have much more. Some of them allow you to at any time to dismiss, in order to save finances.

When agents receive information about the location of terrorists, these data are transmitted to the headquarters, and the player immediately collects the squad and sent on a mission. Mission marked on the world map, showing all the existing continents – once at some point to take an active, you can click on it and start passing.

The barracks also carried a detachment of the management and recruitment of new fighters. By clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, you can find additional soldiers, after analyzing the characteristics of each of them, including their accuracy and endurance.

There you can give the soldiers new weapons and camouflage, as well as heal the wounded. It is important to remember about regular workouts that lead to the appearance of a large number of fighters the skills that make them more effective in the shootings.

For example, a soldier with sniper skills to shoot accurately and be able to pick up a rifle. You may want to make someone a machine gunner, medic, or even sapper – one will be able to treat their allies, who often will get injured in the shootings.

You can also make a fighter not to spend action points at the squat or to be three times more damage on a critical hit. Each of these workouts worth of virtual money and will require waiting for three days, which, fortunately, you can quickly run through.