Empire skins CS: GO goes into the shadows

Valve sends an official letter to the serious warnings, many large roulette sites are closed, the famous yutubery, considered themselves above the law, start to panic and hire expensive lawyers.

But does all this mean that the powerful empire weapon skins CS: GO threatens complete collapse? It is not necessary – it is too much at stake. But somehow evolve this phenomenon is still necessary.

tearful foreword

A couple of years after the fateful update Arms Deal everything went on as usual: players put skins on roulette or throw coins. Some sites do not bother even to such animation, and just run the random number generator.

According to some estimates, skins turnover rose to 7 billion dollars a year – a good business. Incidentally, Valve under the contract was for 15% of the profits from every roulette site CS: GO.

So what went wrong? Human factor. In the United States began to appear sad true story. Student Adam has lost $ 1,200 for 1 minute. 13-year-old boyfriend, first merged all skins, earned in the game, and then took the credit card and grandparents. Minor lost several thousand dollars, was a big scandal in the family, and the boy was sent to a rehabilitation center – to drug addicts and other dependent.

Attorneys in the United States began to receive letters in the style of “my 12-year-old son has lost $ 3,000 for a couple of minutes. What to do!?”.

The last straw in the cup of patience has become a major scandal with the famous yutuberami – Trevor Martin and Tom Cassel (each a few million subscribers). Scammers live won an armful of rare skins and terribly happy – but they “forgot” to mention that roulette site is owned by him, and the game is 99% adjusted.

Why all moved the ball rolling …

As we know, mere “real human stories” is not enough to start a real change in the world of big money. The most important factor was the genuine interest on the part of the Federal Commission for the United States trade (FTC). This is no joke, a very powerful regulator.

FTC is able to influence the major banks and oil companies, and only punish some there is the office of the production and distribution of computer games (Valve) – it is a piece of cake.

But … will go very slowly

The problem is that it is unclear to whom and for what should be “do not care”. Federal Trade Commission – a huge unwieldy machine of government, in which key decisions are made by individuals aged 45 – 55 years. Conspiracy to control of the internal market of petroleum products? It is clear to them. Issuance unreliable mortgage bankers bonuses for growth? The same point was clear. But 3D-shooter and virtual coloring – this is a Chinese puzzle.

The same thing is happening in the central Gambling Commission in Washington. Serious men know everything about poker, horse racing and a real roulette. But what CS: GO? And what else are skins? The FTC even if already studying a slippery issue, and said the Commission has not even informed.

You probably guessed it: in many juvenile authorities across the States – is exactly the same story. There are used to escape from the family, alcohol and marijuana, petty theft and hooliganism. And then – the child is sitting quietly at home and playing a computer game: the parents should still rejoice!


As a result of the scandal with the investigation and yutuberami FTC, Twitch has decided to ban all rallies stream with roulette skins CS: GO. The process seems to be gone.

But any little bit advanced internet user knows for certain: to ban anything very popular almost impossible.

There are hundreds of ways to disguise. Old sites will be closed – and immediately opened under new names. Only this time will be using the VPN, bots, and even intermediaries. On Valve’s part it would seem that there is a fair exchange of skins rather than underground gambling. Here it is necessary to emphasize: technically, each transaction skins looks like exchange – even a lottery bet.

There is a radical way: ban skins as a class, that is, completely. But this is a gross violation of human rights and Valve scandalous precedent and FTC is well aware. So have all successively forbid – of PLEX in EVE Online to Hearthstone decks of cards and Pokemon: what if tomorrow it will be the main value of clandestine gambling?

Pluses and minuses for the sports community CS: GO

Let’s start with the good news for honest collectors CS: GO. Artificial demand for many rare skins supported by hordes of websites-roulette. Now, when they will be less cherished coloring for “Kalash” or AWP will be more accessible.

But here it should be noted that the overall liquidity of the market subsides. Some roulette, oddly enough, do useful work. The fact that they are luring clientele, offering to put on a real match CS: GO – this possibility was indeed sites and even taking on the sponsorship of teams in part.

But human nature is weak and capricious matches have to wait long to watch them, to understand the pros and cons of participating. On this when those same sites offer a plunge into a common pot skins and flip a coin – many agreed.

Accordingly, there is less money on the roulette wheel – and less on the fair scene CS: GO. Moment, frankly, difficult. But now, when a questionable tote for minors and a true cyber-sport started to breed in different corners, there is a real chance to bring in Counter Strike really major sponsors, which (in addition to short-term profits) and need transparency and long-term perspective.