It does not happen – it happens

Volley “Hammer of Light” turned orc leader of a fireball. The captain of the last cruiser Greenskin faltered and gave the order to prepare for the warp-jump, but is nearby “Guardian of Retribution”, the battle cruiser class “Lord”, already having lost the possibility of firing of the main guns of the heavy damage, briskly turned around its axis, and smote board enemy volley torpedoes and then at full speed rammed it.

Today, the admiral did not just dealt with a gang xenos: he saved one of the planets of the Imperium – billions of lives – from Exterminatus completely crushed, occupying its enemy. But the war for the Gothic sector was still far from complete.

Review of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Rollers are often reminiscent of the standard slideshow. However, in the Armada they are not particularly necessary. By the way, in the middle of the screenshot sits our captain, who will soon produce an admiral.

Before acquaintance I did not know anything about Armada Gothic war and even more so was not familiar with the board game Battlefleet Gothic, but it did not prevent me to enjoy the new tactical RTS.

On the contrary, knowing the events of the war, you can hardly be surprised what is happening in the game. Let the main character is not, apparently, the face of “historic”, many of the characters, their actions and various events of the conflict are described in detail in the encyclopedia fan of Warhammer 40k.

Easy to get carried away Armada: traditional pathos of the fictional universe is wasted, because in hell forever and a worthy opponent was caught, and the situation seems hopeless. Gothic sector not only cut off from the Imperium: Abaddon destroyer took him twelve Black Crusade.

Do not forget the traitors among the Imperial Fleet, Eldar corsairs, and, of course, orcs, pirates, and only dream of robbing ships all wimps. Each turn on the global map is a lot of missions – trapped or captured by enemy planets – but how many do not beat, the number of operations per unit time is limited, but on the next move opponent will only get stronger.

Review of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

We start with light cruisers, and finish line. And one battleship.

Do not forget the traitors among the Imperial Fleet, Eldar corsairs, and, of course, orcs, pirates, and only dream of robbing ships all wimps.

Map is given only for the understanding of the situation: the admiral can not control the planets, it only responds to the command requests. The only thing that we are free to influence in a “peaceful”, so to speak, the time – it’s part of our fleet and its equipment.

Several types of cruisers and a battleship – several classes to choose from – can be improved in accordance with your wishes. Of course, the basic characteristics has not changed, but it is possible, for example, to strengthen the hull of a ship or its boards, add him the opportunity to put a variety of mines or increase the firing range of its guns.

All this, of course, is not done for a reason: to improve can only ship to visit the set of battles. And they themselves bonuses, abilities, and generally all that is there to buy, require a certain amount of fame points.

The first operations are puzzling: it seems that the game is unbearable difficult. In fact, the imperial fleet management requires some skill: here do not need to hold the hand of the Gunners, but it is necessary to closely monitor the maneuvers of both its own and enemy ships.

Stroke of frame and set on the enemy – the best way to lose the fight. Some ships even to the goal not reach, the path stepped on a mine or broke on the cob in the asteroid field.

Whoever takes the right attitude, and eventually win. It seems to be easy, but each ship its weapons and its effective range, and the enemies can act quite differently.

Review of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada