The Escapists 2

The original game on the spot Raziel free time, providing a full-fledged “sandbox” with a lot of options, how to live and behave in prison, how to plan an escape, and how to escape. In addition, it could well be a visual aid for survival and, so to speak, runaway from captivity.

In the sequel, in general, everything is the same, the mechanics remain intact. The choice is given a dozen different prisons, and in each of our prisoner to himself – live, survive, think how to escape.

This, however, is not synonymous with complete freedom that exists in a typical “sandbox.” In The Escapists 2 your life, on the contrary, subject to strict rules and rigid routine – as it should be in prison.

You need to have time to do all the time – go to check, in the dining room (renewable energy), a gym and a library (where you “pump” the power and intelligence, respectively), shower (soap is better not to raise!),

To work on a release. If the guards noticed that you do not have or are late – raised the level of suspicion in relation to the character.

So, frequent and verification of your camera, where the nightstand and its secret compartment can store some useful things to escape – a screwdriver, wire cutters, scrap, bit, and so on. And, of course, no one has repealed the punishment cell where you can make peeling potatoes.

Tell me who your friends are and con …

But for all the mandatory classes (and even more so in his spare time), you should have time to communicate with other prisoners and even the guards, rummage tables in search of the above items or ingredients (the higher the intelligence, the more advanced drawings of items are available!), Think , estimate, remember, plan, prepare nychki. And even perform others tasks.

Escapists 2 game review

Beaten once carried to the hospital, where they quickly come to life.

Quests generally unpretentious – beat of something attributed to a bit to find the paint bottle. But there are also some puzzles on ingenuity – some, for example, ask to sabotage cellmate that he could not go to work and lost her. Do you want to – send him to the infirmary. But more interesting if it flood the chamber, clogged toilet – poor thing will definitely not up to the job!

As a reward, give money, which will manage to get something useful from the other prisoners, as well as reputation. Over time, you can get friends and acquaintances, which is easier to plan an escape.

If the act rougher all the beat (and no one forbids), provoking fights and riots, permanently sit in punishment cells and carry out quests, the reputation will fall through the floor, and the guards tortured checks camera.

All in Prison Break

The whole mechanics in The Escapists 2 supplemented, improved and decorated. And decorated in the truest sense – the game went to a new engine, and now the “pixel” landscapes and the same cons look clearer, prettier, brighter.

Generally, around became more details, everything seems more alive – prisoners constantly were talking, tell some stories, complain about something, joke, complain.

Appeared and advanced character editor that allows you to create some bespectacled hairy freak in the header of a bear’s head (a prisoner, you see, too, will make a revival of the prison routine).

Escapists 2 game review

You may at your option to customize not only their appearance, but also the appearance of guards.

However, it is more important that in the course of the game has become even more freedom and variability – how to plan, prepare, and how to escape.

Nobody can abolish most obvious ways like digging with a preliminary undermining zanaveshivaniem chamber and closing the hole posters, organizing riots and solve problems by force, “pump” in the gym. Tinkering can be stuffed, put him to bed, take the form of a lone guard and escape rather to cut fence homemade wire cutters.

There is a more elegant solution. For example, one of the prisons regularly visited the film crew, to shoot a documentary about the state of the prison system. How to take advantage of this situation, I think, and you guessed it.