When you see the development team name “Ron Gilbert” and “Geri Uinnik,” that just want to believe that the game will be another masterpiece of world quests with a stunning pixel styling, excellent humor and interesting plot.

Thimbleweed Park, in addition to all this invites you to plunge into stuffed with clichés, but confidently withstand the logic of mystical detective.

Although a combination of adventure with a point-and-click-mechanics is nothing new, this particular game is possible – though not fully and not immediately – to quench the hunger for high-quality adventure.

It all starts simply enough: there is a character who speaks with a strong German accent, to come to the meeting place, apply a prearranged signal and wait. The next day, however, you have to play for federal agents and Ray Reyeza; none of them does not realize that at the crime scene the other is doing, but the will of the writer they have to work together.

In the future, “connected” has three characters: clown uses foul language, girl, dreams of becoming a game designer, and her father – a rich but very shy businessman. None of them has a unique action, all operations are performed using direktiv- “verbs,” as in the old projects, Gilbert: can be used to transfer, to examine, to open and close, push and pull objects, as well as to approach them.

For those who are not familiar with the games on the SCUMM engine, such an approach may seem inappropriate and artificial complication gameplay; in addition, its implementation is not without its problems. For example, on some doors work team “the Use” and “the Open”, in other – only “the Open”, and in principle verbs can not be “planted” on hot keys.

On the other hand, thanks to the variety of commands gameplay does not turn into boring playing the same mechanic on the verge of torture – and that’s how it would be if it came down to combining objects or activation of the trigger scene.

Until the third act of play is not that boring, but when you have that only two playable characters from five, and others are available only in flashbacks, lack of diversity is felt quite strongly.

The first two acts differ only in response to certain agents cues NPC, although sometimes, depending on the location of agents slightly changing the algorithm for solving problems.

Do list is still growing, and action heroes are mostly preparatory in nature, and it seems that the present investigation did not begin. The contact between the agents is virtually absent,

Whatever it was, in the process, the game starts to disclose their successful side: the plot becomes more highly branched increasingly interact with each other stage of the interrogation begins, the characters, and even there is no kind of “hunting trophy” and “subreality”. really only able to captivate external to the core gameplay elements up to this point.

In Thimbleweed Park is really beautiful “wrapper”: eye pleasing pixel graphics, atmospheric soundtrack, caricatures, but very different characters with jokes on the verge of a foul, dozens of references and is simply a lot of fun little things (like the books about time travel or the mime on stilts, you you can push and learn about yourself a lot of good). And most importantly, the game manages to keep the intrigue – though it is literally crammed with stamps – in an ironic way, of course,

All this does not diminish the strange sensation: Thimbleweed Park too similar to other adventure Gilbert and Winnick.

Design, mechanics, work with the characters and the setting – all this too in their spirit. This feeling is intensified by a great lot of pretty flattering easter eggs on the work of this couple in the old Lucasfilm Games, but as you know, he praises … However, if you were looking forward to the return of the titans of the genre, then

I can assure you – you will get exactly what you It lacked. Put on your best suit working, please be dessert pie and strong coffee and go to Timblvid Park – the town where you will be welcomed not very … 81 Amendment 80 loonies.