Anno 2205

Need more minerals! 

In contrast to Anno 2070 , the new game Blue Byte shifts the emphasis from political parties to the corporation. Previous part of the series was full of dark tones: the world has experienced an apocalypse, because of the melting of the polar ice caps from the land was only a ridge of islands on the surface of the ocean, and concern for the environment has become for humanity as an end in itself.

However, to the XXIII century hysteria pollution slowed down: Climate control in the Arctic tamed the elements, so the industry is in the middle latitudes is free to smoke and extract minerals on all cylinders. It is in this place, giving complete freedom of action, and we start the game.

Here Anno 2205 little different from the classic of 1998, but instead of colonists on the coast of the island go workers, not chewing the vegetables from the garden, and noodles of fast food.

Since our company is young and she only will compete with the bigwigs of business, the needs of the first settlers are simple – marking up the streets and neighborhoods, it suffices to apply to them the power of the wind power, plug in a couple of places catering items, logistics and building materials factory and then put the city water from a pump on shore.

But the population is never satisfied with little: barely stuffed stomachs, people will request the Internet, and then evolved from working in the operators want safety, health, and fresh juices. Top managers, the top of the urban population, do not live without wine, steaks and medical implants.

Not only that query growth creates new production and spur expansion of the city, so also urges for expansion. Yes, and to put into operation the spaceport efforts of one colony does not work.

As in the previous parts of the series, the resources are distributed across different geographical areas. But if in the Anno 1404 all fit in one location and silk to spices were within reach of the fleet, but now for scarce raw materials should be separate from scratch to develop biome – Arctic. Without polar residents warm edges do not get high technology, such as computers or the same implants, and no vitamins from the start location of stalled development snowy branch.

Without parcels north zabuksuet and space program. Only life in the polar region cool differs from city: home huddle to heat sources such as plants or gas-fired plants, for the exhaust of factories and mines Keepers monitor the Arctic – an analogue of environmentalists from Anno 2070

And the population consists of only two layers – advocates and scientists. It vividly recalls the division into Western and conditionally conditionally eastern colonies in Anno 1404 , up to a different gameplay.

Finally, having accumulated enough resources and bringing to mind the port, you can drill a space elevator and the stratosphere with a change in the “Stanislaw Lem” station sent the first settlers to a lifeless Earth satellite. Although the development of the Moon – the main intrigue of Anno 2205 

Immediately yank back will not work – at first it is necessary to spend a few hours on the development, to break from rags to riches and to fatten their corporation to such a level as to support remote colony began on the shoulder and, more importantly, expensive.

After all, everything here, from the barracks to the solar panels, worth triple the price. In addition, it will have to cover the construction of power shields, because meteorites can carry in chips every building.

Anno 2205 game review

And the moon as the moon: the titanium and the air, the drug in the price …

All three regions: temperate, arctic and the moon – not cooked in its own juices, even to move between them on the global map and have to endure podgruzki.

In addition to the exchange of useful goods they relate to the overall resource umbilical cord. You can turn the base among the permafrost in a paradise on earth, consistently making a profit and gadgets, but it is necessary to miscalculate in the development of the lunar colony, as the slow growth of the entire corporation.

On the islands (in the case of the Moon – with craters) within the individual zones is the same: they resemble a system of communicating vessels. You can, of transferring the building from place to place, generally divided pieces of sushi on the profile: one entirely residential neighborhoods, on the other – the industry and focus on the third power; on the relocation of sum is not changed.

Moreover, the developers have reduced the manual control to a minimum. Enough to make up the deficit of certain goods or raw materials, and to flavor logistics new trucks to the archipelago worked like oiled machine. With this in your possession Anno 2205 

I felt as a whole, and indeed comparable with the corporation, where to stop the enterprise enough financial hole in any of the branches. And the money in the game to lose no reason: after landing on the moon, they may need to buy up competitors in the land, and then the account goes into the millions.