WWE 2K18

Despite its extensive content and its indisputable virtues, WWE 2K17 was a disappointing installment in the history of the wrestling simulator. WWE 2K18 is different: more polished, better updated and with a new way that justifies its mere existence, but it is inevitable to think that the union of Yuke’s and Visual Concepts could still bring greater joys for the followers of Vince McMahon’s company if both wanted . Analysis.


The problems, as I explained last year, did not end there: it was sad to see the work that had been done with the fighters of the company, today capitals in it. First of all, it did not hold much hope with WWE 2K18 , and last August’s test turned out to be confusing and disappointing. The truth is that I did not think that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts were able to get ahe


ad in the present delivery, and if I’m honest, I’m happy to tell you that I was wrong. WWE 2K18 is still far from perfection or the best titles that the firm has produced, but at least we can say that in 2017 a worthy video game has been signed, with a better finish than last year and with more care in everything that surrounds the playable.


As it had been coming in the previous years, it seems that publisher and developer have accommodated and only add content. It is difficult to attribute to WWE that it is a bad product when it is able to plant more than 150historical and current fighters


 of the company in the same software with so many possibilities at your disposal. Personally, I would prefer less wrestlers and new playable mechanics, but it seems that the average user wants to continue creating impossible clashes between the firm’s history. I miss the Showcase, but at least I have found a new game mode in which to unleash my “ruthless aggression”: Road to Glory.


John Cena wins, lol

I think it’s a big problem that talking about the purely playable WWE 2K is already redundant. The companies involved in its development for years that do not seem to make much progress in this field, and it is somewhat disappointing that the improvements of WWE 2K18 have focused, practically, on mere adjustments that guarantee that the battles, at least, g

o better than ever . However, the game system is outdated and saddens me that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts are not considering the possibility of revamping it to accommodate new mechanics that it definitely needs.


WWE 2K18 analysis

We may be facing the most polished WW2 2K since the series reached Take-Two.

The highlight of WWE 2K18 in the playable is that now up to eight fighters can go to the ring in a Royal Rumble , a number of wrestlers that, incidentally, ends up being a real chaos, which I think is what is sought in Royal Rumble style matches, of course.


The number of different battle modalities is overwhelming, and the possibility of bringing men or women into each ring increases the useful life of their practice alone or cooperatively, either online or live. The superstars never rest here, and are always willing to split up for you.