WWE 2K18

World Wrestling Entertainment  returns to the digital ring in the hands of Yuke’s with WWE 2K18. Do not miss the annual appointment a title backed by more than 200 fighters, although somewhat conservative in this installment where the clear commitment is  on-line fighting .


One edition that wants to convince with some weighty novelties in its most important modes, a huge template and playable improvements on a familiar basis. Will he get it?

WWE 2K18  is presented with several new features that the bulk of users of the series claimed a long time ago. Although the changes will not surprise the follower of the wrestling franchise, they can make your stay in this delivery something more pleasant


. Yuke’s  has polished its graphics engine  for the occasion, but they are not enough before the cry for help asked by the visual section of the title. Of course, title has been polishing the entire system playable throughout his career and in this installment have been no less.

The control is as we know it: hit button to the opponent, another for keys and grips, circle (in case of PS4, analyzed version) for the Irish Whip and triangle for the auction or personal movement. There are also no notable changes in the submissions systems w


ith its classic circle and bars or the “machacabotones”. Or the traditional backlash to cancel the key or hit the opponent that we can perform every so often. The one that comes from other more traditional wrestling titles wil


l hit you first of all the game system of the 2K franchise, but this is that, gentlemen, it is pure arcade spectacle. A good control system that was a


lready in its day Smackdown vs Raw and that has been adapted to the player, simplifying to make it easier to understand, but without leaving out the playable depth.

The new stars of the WWE

Two very interesting new additions are appearing this year in the Digital Pressing Catch. My PLAYER  and  Road to Glory , modes focused mainly on the feeling of progression of our superstar and take it to the  Hall of Fame of Wrestling. In “My Playe


r” we can create our fighter from scratch, with a simpler character editor to which we are accustomed and we will personalize it as we go through our sports career, both at the Singleplayer level (My career) or Online mode (Road to Glory). It is also in the solo


mode where we feel a little more pampering in the development of the game. This time we can walk around the backstage, through the offices of Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie or her husband, the also known Triple H.

Make us our photo session, relate to other fighters in secondary missions or face them with violent ambushes behind the scenes. Th


e boring menus are over, now it’s all more interactive. We return to the promos to raise our popularity and create rivalries among the superstars of the WWE, we will offer controversial statements with the presenter Renee Young, we will forge alliances with other fighters to go to the ring as a Tag-Team … we will have almost total control of o


ur destiny , with a single purpose: to  make history at WrestleMania We miss, among other things, the voices about the characters. The c


onversations are a plain text about some strange animations of the celebrities. Despite this, the feeling that our superstar is evolving with us is more than palpable.

WWE 2K18 (PC) screenshot

Regarding the birth of our fighter, during his personalization we will see  different fighting styles  that act in very different ways, as if t


hey were classes. Giant, or kicker, exhibitionist, high flights … in short. You have different options to combine with your attributes, which, as in any career of an athlete, we can improve with the triumphs of our character. Th


ere are many customization options  once the game progresses, hundreds of new movements, clothes, animations of inputs and outputs, teasing or power-ups. All of them will be unlocked by loot boxes after achieving certain victories or points


VC. The boxes are divided in three ways: Bronze, silver and gold. As has already been common in this type of “raffles”, we will have more


possibilities to unlock the most coveted objects inside the golden boxes. These chests will also be purchased in exchange for VC points, you can take hours.

As mentioned above, among the treasures offered by the trunks, we will also find enhancers. Elements that enhance our attack damage, speed or effectiveness of our submissions, among other things, a percentage and that we can use in a certain number of battles within the Road to Glory.

WWE 2K18 (PC) screenshot

Road to Glory  is the new  competitive  WWE 2K18 experience. In it we will take our creation to the ring to compete with users from all over the globe. We will compete not only for the glory, but for all the prizes offered by the matches. The stars to


qualify for PPV events, new items for our character, VC points or power-ups will be the rewards that will encourage us to continue advancing t


o become a member  of Wrestling’s Digital Hall of Fame . A hard but rewarding path if you are a true fan of the genre.

The  system of the enhancers  is something that we liked a lot. We will have five slots to balance our character with these temporary improvements, such as the speed of attack or movement, our keys or the strength of our blows, as well as physical re


covery. There are also power-ups that will be used outside the ring, such as those that reward you with more experience points once the f


ight is over. Of course, initially we will start with one of the five available slots, which we will unlock as we grow with our fighter.

WWE 2K18 (PC) screenshot