WWE 2K18

New year, new look
In a brand of annual iterations the first change that jumps to the eye is the technical one, and this also applies to WWE 2K18 . Our test, performed on a Playstation 4 base (we remind you that the game is also available on PCs , Xbox One and will also come on Nintendo Switch), showed us a title that has made some progress on the predecessor. Unfortunately, however, we have not yet come to the long-awaited quality leap that is missing for too long, and if WWE roster wrestlers have been shaped almost to perfection (a little less female stars), the same can not be said of other aspects of the technical sector.
The work on facial animations has given us alternate results, and especially in Career Mode, we will face unintentionally comic situations, with characters performing in imaginative and almost caricature expressions, which, moreover, often cobble with what they are saying.
Always in Career Mode there is also an annoying tearing effect, which is about moments when we can move our protagonist freely between one match and the other. There are also many glitches: the most vivid and irreverent thing that happened to us saw our unlucky protagonist suddenly plunged into the floor, then stuck in it up to half the bust.
A last negative note goes to the loading times: waiting screens are really too frequent and too long, so they are really annoying. Pulling the sums, if to the point of being really annoying. Pulling the sums, if to the point of being really annoying. Pulling the sums, if WWE 2K18 takes a few steps forward from a graphic point of view, this is not enough to make it a suitable title for the time, due to numerous defects still present and the many improvements that still need to be made in order to really talk about a wrestlingexperience that really makes justice to the current generation of consoles.
Please do not try this at home
The WWE 2K18 gameplay , just like the graphics industry, only builds on what had already been done in the past. So there are not many changes that will be found in front of those who have already played the previous iteration. The submission system has been revised, and now there are two possibilities to run these ports: use the right analog in a minigame or quickly press a key sequence. It has been added the possibility of lifting your opponent in four different ways, then moving and making him what we want.
These are the biggest novelties of WWE 2K18 , which for the rest re-launches a gameplay that inherits now more defects than good. First of all, the legibility of characters and movements: wrestlingis a discipline that focuses on spectacularity, speed and dynamism. To see the wrestlers move with awkwardness now creates a contrast to what you see on TV.
This feeling of slowness is aggravated by other factors, for example, once you’ve landed, regardless of the amount of damage you have suffered, it will turn out to be an incredibly difficult task: this may be overwhelming, especially for beggars who have yet to get hold of the series. To this we can add a contingent system that is not convincing: pressing the R2 key, if done at the right time, allows us to escape the opponent’s move and, sometimes, overturn the situation in our favor. Sometimes, however, this time interval appears to be too risky,
WWE 2K18, Review
From humble origins to big companies
The main menu shows us one of the great strengths of WWE 2K18 : the abundance of content offered, starting with the game modes. In the absence of a true story mode, the most approaching is the Career Mode. First of all, we will have to create our superstar, using a really rich and multifaceted editor that will allow us to give life to our ideal warrior