Beta full version of Black Mesa is already available for download – Gambling

Developers Black mesa from the team Crowbar collective announcedthat beta full version of their fan-made remake of the original Half-life already available for download. Now the game can be played from start to finish, including the world of Zen.

In the new beta, the authors not only made numerous changes and corrections to the game, which mainly affected the Xen world, but also added several maps for the head of Interloper, the battle with the final boss Nihilant and the head of Endgame.

In addition, the developers called the problems that they have not yet been able to solve. The team wants to fix the difficulty, which in different parts of the game can vary from too low to too high, and also improve the performance, which still falls in some places of the remake.

To access the beta of the full version of Black Mesa, you need to buy the game in Steam for 419 rubles, and then in its properties on the beta tab select "public-beta".

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